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[iris] Re: CULT: Schreiners' roots

What initially caught my attention was the plant, stalk, and bloom. While in Portland, I was looking hard at the Schreiner intros, hunting for things that might mix well with the Zurbrigg descendants here, & this was one that looked promising. The flowers were a bit smaller than, for example, HIGH CHAPARRAL, but I still liked it.

The pedigree also caught my eye - some interesting colors/patterns/rebloom potential to toss into the mix. Rebloom is reported for MAGICAL ENCOUNTER in Oregon. It's pink, SALMON BAND is pink/white with pink band; STARLIGHT EXPRESS is yellow/white with yellow band.

My memory of the color is that it's sort of a tannish greenish light to mid yellow.

<Was it the pedigree that
caught your attention?  I know that sometimes you favor certain lines.>
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