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[iris] Re: CULT: labels

So far, the labels made from vinyl siding scraps are holding up really well. Much stronger and stiffer than miniblinds, so can get them into my rocky gravel and use much longer pieces without them flopping over or breaking off. Also hold up to the weather much better.

Bought my first Sharpie paint pen this summer. It's ok, but has the same problem the Painters Paint pens have of drying out and gooping up.

Unlike the Painters, the paint is not water soluble. Not sure what the benefit of that is, but harder to clean up.

Griff - hint - when the Painters' paint is drying up too fast, spit on a scrap piece of vinyl and re-wet the pen tip. I sometimes even pull the tip out and use a syringe to squirt a little warm water into the barrel.
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