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Re: [iris] cult; copper sulfate

Back in the 60s, when the iris robins were done by snail mail,  I  received 
in the mail a 35mm slide showing a white iris flower with the most  incredible 
blue green edge and veins. The photographer and grower of  the flower wanted 
to know what was going on.  I  took  the slide  to show my horticulture 
professor Dr. Homer Metcalf, who was  both an iris  judge and the world authority on 
Iris missourienssis, to get his  reaction to this wonderful flower. He held 
the slide up to the light, pushed he  glasses up on his forehead and brought the 
picture closer to his eyes, got a  magnifier out of his desk for an even 
better look. He then pronounced that the  flower had been treated with copper 
sulfate. When I reported his opinion to the  robin I got a reply back. Sure enough 
the plant had been sprayed with  copper sulfate to control fungus some weeks 
Fred Kerr
Rainbow Acres 
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