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Re: [iris] HYB: CULT: Garden labels

The most economical labels I have tried is PVC pipe.  It is white  and cuts
easily.  I use the painters pens (blue or black) to write on both  sides.  If
the iris dies, then you can sand off easily the name.  I  cut the PVC pipe 30
inches long and stick it at least 6 inches in the  ground.  If the pipe is
planted deep enough, it won't pull out of the  ground when rubbed by someone
moving the water  hose.  I write  the name of the iris in BIG letters so I can
easily view the name from 10 feet  away.  I tried using shorter PVC pipe, but
was to easy to trip over and  tended to get lost in the leaves.

The best thing is I get the PVC pipes free from the local irrigation supply
store.  They put their broken  pipes in a pile for people to grab.    The
have been in the  sun so probably aren't any good for irrigation, but they
last forever as  labels.

This year I have purchased weather proof labels from Office Max (special
order) and have used a laser printer to print out the labels with iris name,
hybridizer, year introduced etc.  I am sticking them on the pipes at the  top
the pipe above the big iris names.

My yard especially in winter looks like a mad scientist lives there with  all
the pipes sticking out of the ground, but what the heck, I am a mad
scientist ;-)


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