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Re: the literary garden

In a message dated 98-02-26 02:29:19 EST, you write:

 Paul beat me to it ---  am I right in the memory that these "bird"
 daylilies are bred by a monk, Brother  someone?
 Barb Perna
 Southwest WI,  Zone 4

Robert Griesbach is the origanator for most of these.

Brother Charles Reckamp has some very atractive daylillies if you like

If any one would like a breif description of these day lillies I have that
info at this address.

I might as well post it.

Hemerocallis  'Amen' TET - 24"mid-late. Creamy yellow and peach blush with
tightly pleated fuffles. 
Hemerocallis  'Angel Sublime' TET - 30'mid. Orange Gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Angel's delight' TET - 22"mid. Very ruffled melon peach. 
Hemerocallis  'Anzac'  Large red 6" flowers. 28-32". mid-late 
Hemerocallis  'Apricot Peace' TET - 28"late. Orange and peach blend, tight
ruffles, gold to olive throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Apricot Surprise' TET - 24"late. soft apricot, deeply ruffled. 
Hemerocallis  'Artist Etching' TET -  28"mid. Cream apricot, nice ruffling. 
Hemerocallis  'Autumn Lace' MIN - 12"early-mid. Orange, nice ruffle,
olivethroat, reblooming 
Hemerocallis  'Bald Eagle' TET - 24"mid. Burnt red. 
Hemerocallis  'Baltimore Oriole' TET - 25"mid. Velvet red. 
Hemerocallis  'Beautiful Morning' TET - 34"mid. Creamy yellow with bluish
Hemerocallis  'Big Bird' TET - 34"early. Largest flowering yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Bite Size' MIN - 20'early. Ruffled solid yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Bitsy' MIN - 14"early. Lemon drop yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Blazing Sun' TET - 26"early. Luscious pure yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Blessed Peace' TET - 30"mid-late. Light yellow with peach
Hemerocallis  'Bonanza' - 28"mid.  Yellow and burgundy eye zone. 
Hemerocallis  'Border Honey' MIN - 14"early-mid. amber with creamy yellow
ribs, rebloom. 
Hemerocallis  'Border Star' MIN - 12"early-mid. Pale peach, apricot to green
throat, reblooms. 
Hemerocallis  'Bowl Of Roses' TET - 30"mid. Rose-salmon with darker band. 
Hemerocallis  'Bunting' TET - 32"mid. Lightly ruffled melon and pink blends. 
Hemerocallis  'Canadian Goose' TET - 30"mid-late. Lightly ruffled crimson red.
Hemerocallis  'Carousel Capers' MIN - 22"mid. Petite ruffled gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Carousel Princess' MIN - 26"mid. Fragrant lemon yellow, rosy
mauve eye. 
Hemerocallis  'Catherine Woodbury'  lavender-pink 1970 HM.  6" flowers 26-30"
tall. mid 
Hemerocallis  'Ceder Waxwing' TET - 34"early. Pink with rose peach halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Charles Johnston' TET - 24"early-mid. Round cherry red self
with darker veining, reblooming 
Hemerocallis  'Cherry Cheeks'  TET (Peck 1968) watermelon pink with lavender
6", 28" tall 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Antique Tapestry' TET - 28"mid. Rose pink blush on
yellow base ruffled, gold throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Apache' TET -27"mid. Velvety scarlet. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Arnies Choice' TET - 26"mid. Deep lavender with plum
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Atlas' TET - 32"early-mid. Reddish plum with darker
plum halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Aztec' TET - 32"mid-late. Bright indian red. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Cameo' TET - 26"mid. Shell pink self with ruffles and
yellow to green throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Cattleya' TET - 24"mid. Ivory lavender with deep purple
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Comanche' TET 28"mid-late. Scarlet self, throat blends
from maroon to yellow-green. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Coral' TET - 28"mid. Rosy pink with darker pink blend. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Full Moon' TET - 24"mid. Full and wide gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Gold Coast' TET -  24"mid.  Lightly ruffled bright
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Gold Strike'  TET -  30"mid.  Reblooming gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Gown' TET - 23"early. Lavender with peach blend and
raspberry eye. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Happiness' TET - 26"mid. Salmon pink dusted melon. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Jewel' TET - 25"early. Deep lavender. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Knobby' TET - 22"early-mid. Plum with pinkish blend and
deep plum halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Knockout' TET - 25"mid. Deep purple with deeper halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Orchid' TET - 26"mid. Pastel orchid with violet band. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Petite Lace' TET - 26"mid-late. Creamy yellow base with
old rose overlay, great ruffles 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Petticoats' TET - 25"mid. Excellent ruffled pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Picotee Pride' TET - 27"early. Creamy light apricot,
purple eye. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Plum Pudding' TET - 26"mid. Vigorous lavender. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Princess' TET - 24"early. Medium purple self with plum
halo and yellow to green th 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Queen' TET - 28"early-mid. Berry wine with deep purple
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Rainbow' TET - 25"early-mid. Pink and rose blend with
tight ruffling and yel throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Royal Crown' TET - 30"early. Deep purple self. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Royal Robe' TET - 28"mid-late. 6" plum-purple, green
throat. 1980 HM 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Scintillation' TET - 26"mid. Velvety plum. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Sunrise' TET - 28"mid. Pale Golden yellow with cinnamon
edge and light ruffling. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Violet' TET - 20"early. Violet purple. 
Hemerocallis  'Chicago Weathermaster' TET - 24"early. smooth medium plum. 
Hemerocallis  'Chinese Temple' TET - 24"mid. Lavender pink with creamy
lavender watermark. 
Hemerocallis  'Choral Angle' TET - 30"late. exquisite, ruffled apricot,
heavily sudstanced blooms. 
Hemerocallis  'Cinnamon Glow' TET - 24"early-mid. Cinnamon peach blend with
apricot throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Cleo' 
Hemerocallis  'Cookie Monster' TET - 28"late. Orchid-pink? with bright yellow
Hemerocallis  'Cooling Fountain' TET - 27"mid. Yellow with light peach blush. 
Hemerocallis  'Countess Carrots' MIN - 15"early-mid. Glowing orange,
chartreuse throat 
Hemerocallis  'Country Melody' TET - 30"mid. Pink with soft yellow halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Country Uncle' TET - 30"mid-late. Peach blend, wide ruffled
Hemerocallis  'Crimson Shadow' TET - 25"mid-late. Crimson with purple-red eye.
Heavy substance. 
Hemerocallis  'Cub Scout' MIN - 23"mid. Apricot-melon with a pink flush. 
Hemerocallis  'Cutie Pie' MIN - 16"early Dainty yellow camellia form. 
Hemerocallis  'Dads Best White'  - 28"mid. Near white self with pale yellow
Hemerocallis  'Dawn Ballet' TET - 28"mid-late. Yellow and orange and melon
Hemerocallis  'Demetrius' TET - 24"early-mid. Wide chrome yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Divine Gift' TET - 34"mid. Yellow gold and peach-pink
Hemerocallis  'Double Charm' 
Hemerocallis  'Early Sunset' TET - 30"mid. Pink with darker veins and a red
Hemerocallis  'Erin Prairie' TET - 34"mid. Sunny yellow self with long petals
and green throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Evening Gown' TET - 28"late. Melon with peach pink blush. 
Hemerocallis  'Exaltation' TET - 36"mid. Creamy butter. 
Hemerocallis  'Fantastic Rose' TET - 30"mid. Raspberry rose, rose eyezone with
green throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Firestorm' -31"early-mid. Brick red over gold. 8.5" blooms. 
Hemerocallis  'Florissant Charm' TET - 22"mid. Melon pink blend with bubbly
Hemerocallis  'Fragrant Pastel Cheers'  TET - 38"mid. Pastel blend, fragrant. 
Hemerocallis  'Frans Hals'  - 28"mid. red and yellow two tone. 
Hemerocallis  'Galliano' TET - 20"early-mid. Intense gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Gamblers Prize' MIN - 14"early-mid. Golden yellow, round form 
Hemerocallis  'Gentle Shepherd' (Yancy 1980) near white, Semi-ever 51/2"
Hemerocallis  'Georgette Belden' TET - 22"mid. Nice, rich purple. Sweetly
Hemerocallis  'Gold Medallion' TET - 29"mid. Large, roundish pure golden
Hemerocallis  'Golden Gate' 
Hemerocallis  'Golden Ginkgo' TET - 32"mid. Ruffled and  intense golden
Hemerocallis  'Golden Peace' TET - 25"mid. Sparkling golden yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Golden Plover' TET - 28"early. Lightly ruffled gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Grammie's List' TET - 30"mid. Yellow and pink with green
Hemerocallis  'Grebe' TET - 25"mid. Floriferous and reblooming gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Green Eyes Wink' MIN - 22"early-mid. Burnt orange, large green
Hemerocallis  'Grouse' TET - 28"mid. Dark beet red with yellow throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Hall's Pink' 
Hemerocallis  'Heady Wine' TET - 26"early. Beige with lavender throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Heaven's Trophy' TET - 28"mid. Creamy peach with pastel
blending, tightly ruffled edges. 
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Gem' TET - 28"mid-late. Melon and peach blush,
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Hope' TET - 30"mid. Cream-yellow with peach blush
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Lace' TET - 30"mid. Ruffled and lacy pastel melon. 
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Peace' TET - 24"mid-late. Gold filled with cream. 
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Touch' TET - 28"mid. Peachy pink, nice ruffled edges. 
Hemerocallis  'Heavenly Treasure' TET - 30"early-mid. Apricot blend, lacy
Hemerocallis  'Heavens Rejoice' TET - 25"mid. pastel pink blend. 
Hemerocallis  'Hemlock' TET - 28"mid. Rich deep red. 
Hemerocallis  'Heron' TET - 32"early-late.Bright rose pink with ivory midribs.
Hemerocallis  'Hope Diamond' - 24"early-mid. creamy yellow, apple green
Hemerocallis  'Hosanna' TET - 26"late. Ruffled golden apricot. 
Hemerocallis  'Hyperion Elite' TET - 36"early-mid. Reblooming light yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Hyperion' 
Hemerocallis  'Indian Paintbrush' TET - 28"mid. Tangerine with burnt orange
Hemerocallis  'Irish Limerick' TET - 24"mid. Sunny yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Jade Bowl' TET - 32"early.  Creamy yellow with peach on each
Hemerocallis  'Jingle Shell' TET - 29"early-mid. Light salmon pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Joan Senior' - 25"mid. Near white self, lime green throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Joyful Fancy Free' TET - 28"mid-late. Peach and cream with gold
Hemerocallis  'Judah' TET - 29"mid. Gold with bronzw edges, a prize. 
Hemerocallis  'King Alfred' TET - 28"mid. Smooth yellow self, sometimes
Hemerocallis  'Kitten's Paw' TET - 30"early. flesh pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Lavender Peace' TET - 36"early-mid. Ruffled light lavender. 
Hemerocallis  'Lemon Lace' TET - 32"early. Bright lemon yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Lemon Mint' TET - 36"mid. Glowing lemon yellow self with apple
green throat, crimped edgs 
Hemerocallis  'Lemon Pectin' TET - 32"mid. Large blossomed lemon yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Lillian Fry' MIN - 19"mid. Ruffled lemon yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Little Audrey' MIN - 20"mid. buttercup yellow with raspberry
Hemerocallis  'Little Beige Magic' MIN - 22"early. cream with red eye 
Hemerocallis  'Little Bumble Bee' MIN - 20"mid. gold with chocolate eye 
Hemerocallis  'Little Cadet' MIN - 18" early-mid. Creamy yellow, red eyezone,
Hemerocallis  'Little Carnation' MIN - 18"mid. Double gold blossoms. 
Hemerocallis  'Little Cobbler' MIN - 24"mid. Peach salmon, rosy eyezone. 
Hemerocallis  'Little Dandy' MIN - 16"mid. Dark red self, green throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Little Fantastic' MIN - 20"early-mid. Neat rose-pink self. 
Hemerocallis  'Little Flock' TET - 24"mid. Ruffled peach to orange. 
Hemerocallis  'Little Lavender Princess' MIN - 24" early. lavender with white
Hemerocallis  'Little Pumpkin Face' MIN - 20"mid. round tan with neat red eye 
Hemerocallis  'Little Tawny' MIN - 20"mid. Multiflowered russet brown. 
Hemerocallis  'Lord Camden' - 24"mid. Ruffled crimson-raspberry. 
Hemerocallis  'Love It' TET - 28"early. Watermelon pink, lemon throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Loveliest Grace' TET - 24"early-mid. Yellow with some
peach/pink blending, crimped edges. 
Hemerocallis  'Lovely Rose' TET - 30"early. Rose-lavender blend, lemon throat.
Hemerocallis  'Lupine' TET - 25"early. Pale flesh pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Luxury Lace' - light ruffled pink-many awards in the 1960's 
Hemerocallis  'Mallard' TET - 26"mid. Vivid red. 
Hemerocallis  'Mary Todd' TET - 24"early. Glowing golden yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Mayan Gold' MIN - 23"early. Gold self, round ruffled form,
Hemerocallis  'Meadow Lark' TET 28"mid. Lemon yellow self and rounded petals. 
Hemerocallis  'Meadow Mist' TET - 26"early-mid. Flesh pink with lightly
ruffled petals. 
Hemerocallis  'Mexican Dance' TET - 32"mid. Gold with lightly rippled petals. 
Hemerocallis  'Mexican Maiden' - 20"mid. Medium red self, light ruffling,
golden yellow to green throat 
Hemerocallis  'Ming Snow' TET - 32"mid - Cream to soft beige pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Mini Stella' MIN - 14" early-late. true yellow, reblooming,
small Stella-rounder. 
Hemerocallis  'Mockingbird' TET - 29"mid. Deep rosy red. 
Hemerocallis  'Mountain Laurel' TET - 26"late. Rosy red. 
Hemerocallis  'Naomi Ruth' MIN - 16"mid. pale ruffled cantaloupe 
Hemerocallis  'Orange Blaze' TET - 36"mid. Orange with red-orange eye. 
Hemerocallis  'Orange Sunrise' TET - 28'mid. Heavy ruffles with orange and
yellow blend. 
Hemerocallis  'Oriental Gem' TET - 26"mid. Fire engine red. 
Hemerocallis  'Painted Trillium' TET - 33"mid. Ruffled dark cherry with green
throat. 6"blooms 
Hemerocallis  'Parian China' TET - 28"mid-late. Creamy melon, reblooming. 
Hemerocallis  'Pastel Inspiration' TET - 40"mid. Creamy yellow with a pink
blush , nice tight ruffles. 
Hemerocallis  'Patti Neyland' MIN - 26"mid. Ruffled pink and peach with
crimson blend. 
Hemerocallis  'Peach Fairy' MIN - 26"mid. little melon-peach 
Hemerocallis  'Peach Pep Talk' TET - 26"late. Ruffled peach pink blend 6"
blooms with golden glow 
Hemerocallis  'Persian Shrine' TET - 36"early. Rose plum. 
Hemerocallis  'Petite One' MIN - 14"early-mid. round creamy yellow, pale pink
Hemerocallis  'Petite Palace Rose' TET - 28"early. Rose-pink with white
ruffled edges. 
Hemerocallis  'Pettite Ballet' MIN - 24"mid. Sunshine yellow self and very
Hemerocallis  'Phoebe' TET - 24"early-mid. Flesh pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Pink Ballerina' TET - 29"mid. Pink with blue over tones, yellow
to green throat and nice ruffles 
Hemerocallis  'Pink Lavender Appeal' - 24"mid. great pink-lavender with green
Hemerocallis  'Pink Tangerine' TET -37"early-mid. Pink tangerine with light
rose eye. 
Hemerocallis  'Pittance' MIN - 18"early. Copper with cherry red eye,
Hemerocallis  'Pleasant Hours' 
Hemerocallis  'Ponytail Pink' TET - 24"early. Soft pink ruffled petals. 
Hemerocallis  'Posh Design' TET - 22"mid-late. Antique yellow with rose
Hemerocallis  'Potters Clay' TET - 32"mid. Colors of clay pots. 
Hemerocallis  'Prairie Blue Eyes' (Marsh 1970) lavender with wide bluish halo,
heavy bloomer.28", 51/2" 
Hemerocallis  'Prairie Lark' TET - 28"mid. Shaded yellow with ruffled petals. 
Hemerocallis  'Prairie Sunburst' TET - 36"early. Sunny yellow, very vigorous. 
Hemerocallis  'Puddin' MIN - 12"mid. Lemon yellow with green throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Purple Pauper' TET - 20mid. Purple self with green throat.wavy
sheen, 5" blooms. 
Hemerocallis  'Quaking Aspen' TET - 24"mid. Lemon drop yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Radiant Beams' TET - 28"mid.  Pure gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Rain Drop' MIN - 12"mid. Small, light yellow flowers. 
Hemerocallis  'Red Magic' 
Hemerocallis  'Red Pinnochio' TET - 24"mid-late. Crimson red. 
Hemerocallis  'Red Poll' TET - 27"mid. Rich deep red. 
Hemerocallis  'Red Volunteer' TET - 34"mid.  7" deep bright red. 1994 AM. 
Hemerocallis  'Renee' MIN - 24"mid. Dainty light yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Resounding Harp' TET - 27"mid. Orange to melon. 
Hemerocallis  'Root Beer' TET - 22"mid. Black-mahogany. 
Hemerocallis  'Rose Festival' TET - 36"mid. Bright rose purple, deeper halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Rose Lace' TET - 30"early. Lavender rose with darker rose
eyezone and lemon throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Royal Palace Prince' TET - 30"mid. Antique rose-lavender with
cream edge. 
Hemerocallis  'Ruffled Apricot' TET - 28"mid. Golden apricot and very vigorous
Hemerocallis  'Ruffled Ruby' TET - 26"mid. Rosy ruby red. 
Hemerocallis  'Sacred Shield' TET - 24"mid. Apricot orange with gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Sahara Sands' TET - 30"late. Pink and cream with green throat.
Pie crust ruffled 6.5" 
Hemerocallis  'Satin Clouds' TET - 30"mid. Cream with white blend. 
Hemerocallis  'Scarlet Apache' TET - 28"mid-late. Crimson with golden lime
Hemerocallis  'Scarlet Oak' TET - 36"mid-late. Velvety scarlet withdark halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Scarlet Tanager' TET - 30"mid. Deep red satin. 
Hemerocallis  'Scotch Bonnet' TET - 31"mid. Sunshine yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Screech Owl' TET - 33"mid. Two-tone red with yellow petal edge.
Hemerocallis  'Secondhand Rose' TET - 26"early. Rose pink blend and creamy
green throat. Rebloomer. 
Hemerocallis  'Shortee' or 'Stella JR' MIN - 9"early. Golden yellow, 1-3/4"
Hemerocallis  'Silent Stars' TET - 32"mid. Apricot and orange blend. 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Baby Talk' MIN - 15"early-mid. pale pink, rose halo,
green throat 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Ethel Smith' MIN - 20"mid. Pink beige, deep red eyezone.
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Fairy Tale' MIN - 18"mid. Cream with definite purple eye
Hemerocallis  'Siloam June Bug' MIN - 23"early-mid. Striking gold with
burgundy eye. 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Kewpie Doll' MIN - 18"early-mid. Deep cream, deep rose
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Pee Wee' MIN - 18"early-mid. Ruffled wide cream with
bold maroon eye 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Pink Petite' MIN - 22"mid. Cameo pink with delicate red
eye line 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Plum Tree' MIN - 24" Early-mid. Wide, purple self. 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Pocket Size' MIN - 20"mid. Rose-red, rose halo. 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Suger Time' MIN - 20"mid. Ruffledbaby pink with purple
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Tee Tiny' MIN - 20"mid. Orchid, purple eye, green throat
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Tinker Toy' MIN - 
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Tiny Mite' MIN - 20"mid. Gold with burgundy eye, gold
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Ury Winniford' MIN - 23"early-mid. Yellow, wide purple
Hemerocallis  'Siloam Virginia Henson' MIN - 18"early-mid. creamy pink with
ruby center and green throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Silver Trumpet' TET - 26"mid. Lavender with lemon throat. 
Hemerocallis  'Sirocco' TET - 28"early. Salmon pink with amber over tones. 
Hemerocallis  'So Lovely' - glowing yellow-blinding in the late afternoon. 
Hemerocallis  'Song Sparrow' MIN - 16"min. Golden orange. 
Hemerocallis  'Sparkling Stars' TET - 24"mid-late. Peach and lemon
Hemerocallis  'Spellbinder' TET - 34"mid-late. Glowing orange with gold
Hemerocallis  'Staghorn Sumac' TET - 28"mid-late. Orange with cinnamon halo.
6" blooms 
Hemerocallis  'Starling' TET - 28"early-mid. Fragrant, bing cherry red. 
Hemerocallis  'Stella De Oro'  Dwarf golden-yellow,  most popular daylily to
date, 1985 Stout medal. 
Hemerocallis  'Summer Tanager' TET - 32"mid. Deep red. 
Hemerocallis  'Summer Wine'  purple-red, green throat. 5", 20-24" mid 
Hemerocallis  'Sun Pixie' MIN - 14"early-mid. Yellow gold self with olive
Hemerocallis  'Suncapers' TET - 30mid. Showy pure yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Sunset Flare' TET - 30"mid. Lightly ruffled gold. 
Hemerocallis  'Sweet Pea' MIN - 
Hemerocallis  'Sweet Reflection' TET - 24"mid. Creamy yellow with blushed
Hemerocallis  'Swelling Anthem' TET - 22"mid.  Gold with pink midrib
Hemerocallis  'Techny Spider' TET - 21"mid-late. Yellow and pink blend.
ruffled spider like blooms. 
Hemerocallis  'Tender Shepherd' TET - 24"mid. Deep coral melon. 
Hemerocallis  'Teri Ellis' TET - 24"mid. light pink with rose crimped edges. 
Hemerocallis  'Tetrina's Daughter' TET - 42"mid-late. Fragrant, night
blooming, yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Thankful Song' TET - 30"mid. Light gold-yellow with peach
Hemerocallis  'Thousand Voices' TET - 36"mid. Soft yellow, pastel and peach. 
Hemerocallis  'Tommy' MIN - 22"mid. Creamy gold 
Hemerocallis  'Toyland' MIN - 27"early. Tangerine-melon, tiny bell-shaped
Hemerocallis  'Tree swallow' TET - 28"mid. Gentle orchid pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Triumph Glorious' TET - 29"mid-late. Bright sunny yellow with
pink blend. 
Hemerocallis  'Upper Class Peach' TET - 40"mid. Peachblend, ivory midribs. 6"
blooms, tightly ruffled. 
Hemerocallis  'Vireo' TET - 30"mid-late. Satiny red with darker red band. 
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Cantaloupe Caper' TET - 32"mid. Pastel cantaloupe pink
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Doe Eyes' TET - 26"mid-late. Lavender with tan blending
and green throat, lav eye. 
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Green Imp' TET - 20"late. Shell pink with ivory
Hemerocallis  'Wayside King Royale' TET - 36"early-mid. Deep purple self. 
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Peach Parfait' TET - 30"mid-late. Peach self with
yellow to green throat-lightly ruffled 
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Princess' TET - 26"mid-late. Peach with yellow, lemon
yellow to celery throat, ruffled 
Hemerocallis  'Wayside Sweet Impression' TET - 22"late. Lavender with rose
hints, tightly crimped gold edg 
Hemerocallis  'Wine Bubbles' TET - 28"mid. Deep wine-red with creamy midribs. 
Hemerocallis  'Witch Hazel' TET - 28"mid. Light burnt orange with darker halo.
Hemerocallis  'Wood Duck' TET - 28"early-mid. Medium pink. 
Hemerocallis  'Woodcock' TET - 28"mid. Citrus yellow. 
Hemerocallis  'Wren' TET - 26"mid-late. Fiery red with cream edges. 
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Diamond' TET - 30"early-mid. Ruffled bright sunshine
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Ladyslipper' TET - 26"mid. Bright yellow self, nice open
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Lollipop' MIN - 12"early. Medium yellow, reblooming. 
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Stone' 
Hemerocallis  'Yellow Stone' 
Hemerocallis fulva FORM flora plena?  - double form,  very strong spreader-
Hemerocallis mixed minatures - several diffrent seed raised forms.
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