Re: pelargonium species seeds

Because I scarify P xhortorum, I simply scarified the others, too.  I made
no detailed + / - comparisons.  Good thought.

> From: Ingrid <>
> To:
> Subject: pelargonium species seeds
> Date: Tuesday, April 22, 1997 12:27 AM
> Greetings from Sweden,
> Of all the Pelargonium species in section Ciconium Richard Grazzini
> mentions, I have only tried P tongaense from seed, so I can only vouch
> that one, but most of the xerophytic species on the market will germinate
> without scarification in my I'm more interested in
> Hoarea.
> P tongaense germinated fine without any pretreatment. And I agree is is a
> nice and trouble free plant..and it also thrives in the shade, which is a
> bit unusual for a species Pelargonium.
> Since most species P come from such arid places, they will in my
> germinate within a few days without trouble.
> But I'd like to hear more about scarifying P seed...
> Thank you,
> Ingrid ( even greyer today!)

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