Re: Lithodora cuttings

Here's the prescription from LD Hills, PROPAGATION OF ALPINES: 
"Propagation is best from soft green cuttings taken [between mid-July and 
mid-August].... the cuttings should be 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches long, with 
no old wood at the base, the bark pale green, and the shoot .. vigorous 
non-flowering stems.. [The donor plants should be watered during June to 
produce the cuttings.]  Lithodora responds to "hormodin"... use at the 
strength recommended for soft cuttings; the cuttings will be killed by 
using the strength recommended for woody cuttings."   Note: rooting 
powders should be safe, perhaps not as effective.

The cuttings can be rooted in any suitable medium, I'd recommend using 
1/2 peat 1/2 perlite.  Cover the cuttings with polyethylene keep the 
medium moist, and protect from direct sun.

Also: I have rooted cuttings taken in late autumn, but I haven't tried 
before flowering.   Hills' recommendation for summer cuttings should be 
the best.

Loren Russell, Corvallis, OR

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Nick Carr wrote:

> How can you propagate the perennial Blue Lithodora?
> Thank you Nick Carr

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