Rooting hormones


Dear seeds readers,

   We were very interested to read several letters concerning rooting

   We have an intimate knowledge of these product being the US importer of
Rhizopon AA rooting hormones. 
Unfortunately many of the letters contained information about rooting
products which were somewhat speculative. Our products are registered with
the US EPA. 
All products which are called rooting hormones must be registered if they
are sold in the US. Most other countries have similar laws. 

   Unfortunately two of the products listed are not registered in the US: 
Hormodin was discontinued two years ago
Clonex is not registered and I believe has never been registered.

   Most rooting hormones available in the US today contain the rooting
hormone IBA. 
This is the most used product worldwide and has the most uses.
In a talc dry base they are used by the dry dip method. 
Normal concentrations are from 0.1% to 0.8% active ingredient. 
There are more limited uses for products which range up to 4.0% active

Liquid applications range from as low as 20ppm to 10000 ppm active
Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets, used to make your own fresh solutions
can be made into solutions using water. 
DipNGrow is an alcohol based product. Alcohol can be toxic to plant tissue
if used in high conc. 

   NAA, a rooting hormone of similar origin is used for a more limited
number of plants.
IAA, a natural product is only used for tissue culture under highly
controlled conditions. 
Another rooting hormons naphalene acetimide, contained in Rootone, is
usually used in one concentration and may not be active enough for more
difficult to root cuttings.

  While many plants cutting will root naturally without aid from additional
rooting hormone the plants which are treated will have uniform symmetric

  Some rooting hormone products contain fungicides, these are not necessary. Y
ou are better to monitor your growing conditions and use growing agents
such as fungicides, herbicides and pesticides as required. 
Rootone and DipNGrow contain additives. 
Rhizopon products do not contain additives.


reply to:
>What are the prefered chemical products to enhance root cuttings?
>What are the pros and cons?

   Most plant rooting products contain IBA, a biological chemical similar
to the natural auxin rooting hormone IAA which is contained and produced in
the leaf tips. 
Some products contain NAA which is a similar rooting hormone but is lesser

   The natural rooting hormone, IAA, is not stable and has a very short
user time due to sensitivity to light.


reply to:
>Someone on rec.gardens.edible pointed out that the directions on these 
>products say to not use them with edible plants. Also I've just 
>discovered that composed manure works just as well; a shady spot in the 
>garden and constant moisture also seems to help.

   The reason that rooting hormones are labeled for 'food' in the US under
EPA guidelines is because the US EPA required certain tests under
re-registration guidelines. 
These tests being quite costly had not been done since there are few uses
for rooting of food crop cuttings.

   Under US EPA guidelines all rooting products are now labeled for
ornamental plant use only or for use in the nursery.

If you read the MSDS:
   IBA containing rooting hormones the toxicology acutes are non toxic.
Therefore the products contain only the minimum EPA required 'caution'


reply to:
>I've used a product called Hormodin, available commercially through the
>nursery trade (I use Geiger, because they deliver to my place on their way
>to Penn State, where they make a weekly delivery).  Hormodin comes in 
>three levels, which correspond to concentrations of IBA. Level I is for
>softwood cuttings, level II is relatively easy hardwood cuttings, level III
>is for difficult hardwood cuttings.  I cannot recall the concentrations off
>the cuff.  Hormodin also contains a fungicide of some kind, not unlike


   Hormodin was removed from the market more than two years. 
Merck, the US EPA registrant, decided to go out of the rooting hormone
business. Hormodin NEVER had a fungicide. 

   The exact duplicate of Hormodin is Rhizopon

	Replacement for Hormodin #1:

	Rhizopon AA #1 (0.1% IBA): use to root herbaceous, leaf, greenwood
	and softwood cuttings.

	Replacement for Hormodin #2:

	Rhizopon AA #2 (0.3% IBA): use to root herbaceous, greenwood,
	softwood and hardwood cuttings.

	Replacement for Hormodin #3:

	Rhizopon AA #3 (0.8% IBA): use to root greenwood, softwood and
	hardwood cuttings including hard to root cuttings.

   Rhizopon AA may be ordered thru your local hort supplier. The master
distributor is V-J Growers Supply (800-327-5422), or you can order from V-J

reply to:

>I have had the best luck with Olivia's Cloning Gel. It is a viscous gel,
>and seems to work better than any other that I have tried.  I purchase
>it from hydroponics supply stores.

   This product is not a US EPA registered product. 


reply to:
>What's wrong with good old willow water and forget the chemicals if you

   Willow water is quite unstable and repetition of results is not
Difficult to root cuttings are likely not to have root initiation inhanced
by willow.


reply to:
>Differences between Rootone -- a talc powder carrier and Dip N Gro -- a
>liquid solvent carrier is that different plants respond differently to how
>the root inducing compounds are applied.  There is also a possible
>sensitivity to the solvents (alcohol or DMSO-dimethyl sulfoxide) in some
>brands of liquid formulations.  These solvents though may make for better
>uptake and improved rooting response in some species.

   Much truth except that alcohol is toxic to plant tissue. It will
dehydrate the tender cells which produce cell division for root initiation.
The reason that alcohol is used in DNG is because they use auxin salts
which are insoluble in water. They are only used by quick dip. When using
an alcohol based product only quick dip to reduce cell toxicity therefore a
fast application is required. 
   Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets are made into fresh solutions by the
grower using water. The solutions ar used by spray or dip applications
including long soak and total immerse.  

Free Rhizopon samples and complete technical data is available if you send
your snail mail address 

Joel Kroin 

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