COCO fiber ... be aware!

Subject: Coconut Fiber for seed starting?
I recently came across bricks of compressed coconut fiber for sale. I am
familiar with this material for other uses (as potting medium for
orchids) but have never considered it for seed starting.It seems sterile
and inert. When the bricks are soaked in water, they expand into a friable
material - granular ground shell mixed with short coco fibers - that does
not pack down and get soggy. 

Be very careful with coco, the fibers are processed with salt. 
To assure that you use clean material wash it out very well before (first)
Commercial growers test the wash water with a salinity meter. 

The fibers are quite good for plants which require very good drainage. 
You must water often. They do not hold nutrients so use (liquid)
fertilizers more frequent than usual.

One of the best sources is V-J Growers Supply (800-327-5422)


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