Germination of Aquilegia (Columbine)

Propagation of Columbine Seeds.

The  best method to germinate Aquilegia (Columbine) seeds indoors is the
Materials: seeds, milled sphagnum moss(a sterile medium), small baggies
(snack size is great)
Method:  1:  Place seeds and label in baggie
               2:  Place tiny amount of damp(not wet) sphagnum moss (1-2
times the mass
                    of the seeds)
               3:  Seal bag, and place in refrigerator for 3 weeks.
Once a week or so,           open the bag to allow in fresh air, and
check on moisture - if drying, mist (better control than watering)
              4:  After 3 weeks, sow in a pot on top of sterile seed mix
or compost. Press seeds into soil, mist until all is moist.  Give them
light (note:  most seeds that are started in cold, i.e., "stratified",
need light) Cover seed pot with clear plastic, keep moist until
            5:  As seeds begin to germinate, gradually remove plastic.
            6:  When seedlings begin to show their "true" leaves, prick
out and space plants  (you should be able to get 48-60 plants in a
standard 1020 flat.
            7:  when danger of frost is over, place plants in a cold
frame outdoors, or other type of shelter, gradually acclimate them to
the great outdoors,
            8:  Sometime, before July, move them to larger pots or into
the garden (where they can grow without competition.

This is not the method for all perennials.  YOu should see a good
database of=r NOrman Deno's book.
However, a few genera that this is perfect for are:
Lobelia,Corydalis,Primula, Asclepias,Ruellia and Dodecatheon.

If you're looking for a good selection of Aquilegia, you might want to
look in my catalog.
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