Re: Norway spruce cuttings

> Hi, I am a new subscriber to this group. I enjoy growing and propagating
> many types of plants. There is one in particular that I have had great
> difficulty with, it is a Norway spruce. The cuttings are from a excellent
> specimen with a full deep green color with very symetrical and strong
> branches. It is one of the nicest specimens I have seen in Ohio, due to Ice
> storms and wind storms there aren't that many good specimens. I know it is
> best to take cuttings from very young trees but is it possible to root a
> cutting from a mature tree? I have some high concentration Indole-3 butric
> acid, as far as I know thats the best rooting hormone for evergreens. Any
> techniques or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dirr recommends rooting the cuttings in December, but says anytime between
November and February is fine.  He goes on to say that they are best when
taken from the lower portion of old trees and should have the full length
of the current year's growth -- they appear to root better if the basal
cut was at or slightly above the current year's growth.

Rooting is more successful in 1 to 1 sand:peat mixtures than in sand alone,
and hormonal treatments weren't helpful.

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