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Can bacteria from garden diversity fix allergies?

New plant species that changes based on environment discovered

First open-source seeds released!

Green space keeps you from feeling blue!

Space-traveling cherry seed growing twice as fast

International Garden Photographer of the Year winners

Many gardeners attribute success to luck, not skill

Big, old trees make great carbon sinks

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top stories

29aug14   Can bacteria from garden diversity fix allergies?

25apr14   New plant species that changes based on environment discovered

18apr14   First open-source seeds released!

14apr14   Green space keeps you from feeling blue!

07apr14   Space-traveling cherry seed growing twice as fast

13feb14   International Garden Photographer of the Year winners

13feb14   Many gardeners attribute success to luck, not skill

16jan14   Big, old trees make great carbon sinks

29dec13   Tomato gene tweaked to lengthen growing season

20dec13   Emerald ash borer may have predator

29oct13   Tires to be made from dandelions

29oct13   Gardening can treat and prevent depression

03oct13   Is Glowing Plant Kickstarter a GMO nightmare?

02oct13   New national champion cottonwood named!

02oct13   Asian long-horned beetle rediscovered in Canada

01oct13   Flowers evolved 100 million years earlier than thought

27sep13   How do gardens make those huge displays?

27sep13   Connecticut pumpkin record smashed at 1766.5 pounds!

26sep13   Proposed European law could change gardening forever

25sep13   Tomatoes and potatoes on the same plant available in UK

24sep13   South African caterpillars develop resistance to GM maize

24sep13   Tired of plantswaps? Try a plant stampede!

20sep13   What are the long-term effects of pesticides in soil?

18sep13   Chicago prepares plantings for global warming

18sep13   Royal Horticultural Society reorganizes

18sep13   Horticulture therapy good for autism

14aug13   You say toe-may-toe, I say mare-ih-wanna.

26jun13   Downy mildew found on Louisiana impatiens

25jun13   Minter Gardens to close in October

20jun13   Landscape company celebrates National Pollinator Week by killing bees

27may13   Plants re-grow after five centuries under ice

24may13   Norway spruce is largest genome ever sequenced

24may13   How will *you* reconnect with nature this year?

24may13   Farmers return to pesticides as pests adapt to GMO

22may13   Are pink skyscrapers the future of farming?

21may13   Are pink skyscrapers the future of farming?

20apr13   If a tree cries in the forest and nobody is around to hear it...

16feb13   Why you won't plant Impatiens for a while

02oct12   Toronto tears out food gardens days before harvest

02jul12   City of Tulsa destroys elderly woman's edible garden

15jun12   Plants can talk

20may12   Heronswood auction ends June 15th

19may12   800 year-old Vancouver cedar falls to poachers

13may12   Will the law of unintended consequences include the law of supply and demand?

10may12   Scientists create artificial leaf

06apr12   Researchers recreate bee collapse with pesticide-laced corn syrup

05apr12   Scotts pleads guilty to knowingly selling poisoned bird seed

02apr12   Asian longhorn beetle spotted in UK

02apr12   Minnesota prisons get gardens

26mar12   How to make cherry-blossom origami

26mar12   Could gardening replace drugs for depression treatment?

26mar12   Why do cicadas come out in prime years?

26mar12   Smell of fresh-cut grass actually plant distress call

24mar12   June Siberian iris convention postponed

24mar12   Manchester honors famous mathematician with sunflower plantings

22mar12   A new and improved biochar recipe

22mar12   Trace element molybdenum found to be integral to nitrogen cycle

19mar12   Scottish farmer could lose 15 million daffodils

19mar12   Gardening therapy helps children grow

17mar12   Are European grasslands the most-species-rich places on Earth?

17mar12   Early spring causes butterfly decline

17mar12   January rains lower Indian mango production

14mar12   D.C. cherry blossoms will peak for festival

13mar12   Remember, pokeweeds (and others) are toxic!

13mar12   Activists plant vacant lots, at legal risk

12mar12   NCSU develops disease-resistant dogwood

11mar12   Salt tolerant, non-GMO wheat developed

09mar12   Winners of International Garden Photographer of the Year announced

07mar12   New ways to fight Roundup-resistant weeds

05mar12   Ghana to export cut flowers

03mar12   New variety of strawberry isn't overripe

02mar12   Hackers publish Monsanto material database to Internet

02mar12   China blocks all genetically engineered grains

28feb12   Growing a rift in cyberspace: young vs. old gardeners

26feb12   World's largest daffodil collection makes public debut

25feb12   California seed bank keeps growing

24feb12   2011 SE Vegetable Handbook wins award (download it, free!)

24feb12   Plant Delights nursery catalog sets off firestorm

23feb12   US expected to increase horticultural imports by $3.9 billion

23feb12   Can gardening help heal troubled minds?

22feb12   Illinois city applies gardening tax to six properties

21feb12   300-Million-Year-Old Forest Discovered Preserved in Volanic Ash

21feb12   Federal funding available to South Dakota growers

21feb12   Ancient plants back to life after 30,000 frozen years

19feb12   Potato farmer surpasses expectations with innovative techniques

17feb12   Nursery wins $40 million landmark lawsuit

13feb12   Downy mildew causes US impatiens shortage

13feb12   Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning in France

12feb12   New dwarf species of corpse flower discovered

12feb12   Cashew growers eschew technology

12feb12   Is compost tea worthless?

05feb12   New wild ginger discovered in India

05feb12   Ice ages were caused by first plants

05feb12   Low snow levels responsible for yellow-cedar dieoff

04feb12   France defeats Monsanto!

31jan12   Newly discovered mushroom species eats indestructible plastics

29jan12   Oregon State University debuts first purple tomato

25jan12   New USDA hardiness map released!

23jan12   Garfield Park Conservatory fully recovered from hail damage

17jan12   Indiana honeybee deaths linked to seed coatings

17jan12   Arsonist destroys 3500 year-old tree

15jan12   Monsanto faces biopiracy charges in India

02nov11   World's largest pumpkin carved into zombie sculpture

19aug11   USDA ignores negative report about RoundUp

18aug11   Mexico marginalizes Monsanto

30jul11   Michigan drops suit against woman for gardening

24jul11   Hungary destroys all Monsanto GMO maize fields

07jul11   Michigan yard law based on peer pressure

28jun11   New Scottish fungus to be named via contest

11jun11   Rings in 800-year old tree show significant recent climate change

08jun11   Lawsuit against Monsanto expands over GM crops

31may11   Women using rooting powder, be careful!

17may11   Round 'em up: Is glyphosate safe?

13apr11   Happy Internation Plant Awareness Day!

24feb11   Louisiana moves giant live oak

17feb11   130 year-old live oaks poisoned by vandal

11feb11   500 year-old grapevine destroyed by vandals

08feb11   Tangerine tomatoes may be better for you

04sep10   Legions of compost microbes infect gardener

02aug10   Shifting priorities for public gardens

10jun10   Moth brings the smuggler's blues

27apr10   First dwarf oakleaf hydrangeas developed

29mar10   Are pesticides killing bees, and thus our crops?

29mar10   Tobacco can be attractive again -- as a biofuel

25mar10   Farmers plow strawberry fields after market glut

18mar10   The sound of thirsty trees

18mar10   Maryland schools ban school gardening programs

16mar10   Western Hills Nursery foreclosed upon

14mar10   Can all plants reproduce asexually?

13mar10   Some carnivorous plants prefer shrew poop

13mar10   How to control invasive plants when they're profitable to sell

12mar10   Seed prices draw anti-trust regulators' ire

03mar10   European Union approves first genetically modified plant in 12 years

03mar10   Cleaning dirty habits yields heavenly blossoms

01mar10   Lawsuit impacts beet production

27feb10   Flightless mosquitoes means no bites

27feb10   Water conservation can lead to fines and jail in Orange County

21feb10   Some Houstonites were in zone denial

20feb10   Even the trees are getting fatter!

22jan10   Plant switches pollinators to evade predation

17jan10   Genetic mapping domesticates curative anti-malaria plants

23dec09   Are dichotomous keys ancient history?

11dec09   Tomatoes, potatoes, and other plants are carnivorous predators

11dec09   New superpotato developed for paper and textiles, too

28nov09   Trees used as carbon banks

24nov09   Save water the old-fashioned way -- pee in your garden

19nov09   Birth of new bird species witnessed by scientists

19nov09   Ancient trees growing faster than ever due to warming

11nov09   More evidence that plants can be selfless

10nov09   DNA barcoding standard developed

09oct09   Nurserymen, beware! Overcriminalization can get you, too

29sep09   Potato genome mapped!

29sep09   Large plants do not always limit natural diversity

29sep09   Is dessert corn coming to a store near you?

29sep09   The ten most magnificent trees in the world

29sep09   Chinese farmer grows babies from pears

07aug09   Tomato blight hits Indiana

28jul09   Garden publishing is a cut-throat business

13jul09   Young gardeners want instant results

12jun09   Genetically modified (GM) crops only help promote herbicides in US

12jun09   Irrigating crops with salt water

12jun09   Chemical spray makes plants produce THC

12jun09   Kentucky police arrest serial plant thief

06jun09   Plants can recognize family

06jun09   Plants to send text messages when they need water

01jun09   Flu vaccines genetically embedded into corn

23may09   Two plants make top ten new species list

11may09   Gardening technology in Britain leaps and bounds ahead

05may09   New technique for modifying plant genes developed

05may09   Can't afford to water? Just paint the lawn green

19apr09   Making an annual into a perennial

18apr09   Saplings from Anne Frank's tree may be planted in U.S.

16apr09   It's raining seed balls!

15apr09   How much money can a garden save you?

14apr09   What would you get if you crossed a plant and an animal?

14apr09   Online dating for gardeners?

13apr09   New lettuces released with bacterial leaf spot resistance

13apr09   Woman finds Jesus in maple leaf

12apr09   First seedlings planted in White House vegetable garden

11apr09   Tired of gardening? Let your robot do it

10apr09   Landscape architect bends wood for original hardscapes

09apr09   Nintendo DS video game teaches gardening skills

08apr09   New USDA maps to reflect climate change

12mar09   New tree species (including 'NO PARKING') discovered in UK

02mar09   Longer-lived trees grew more slowly than their younger brethren

17feb09   Jeremy Clarkson's new weeding technique

06feb09   Climate change shifts weed landscape

04feb09   Tree chicken isn't just slang for squirrels, any more

05jan09   Are Canadian forests responsible for global warming?

14dec08   Bush weakens protections for endangered species

19nov08   Budget cuts end New England Flower Show after 137 years

09oct08   Is 1900-pound pumpkin going to break the world record

26aug08   Hines Horticulture files for Chapter 11

26aug08   French winemakers using satellite images to improve crops

17jun08   George Ball disappointed about Heronswood

17jun08   Heronswood back on the market

12feb08   Aspirin may cure citrus disease

10feb08   Is your garden's fertilizer a radioactive hazard?

04feb08   Genetically engineered blue roses available for purchase

26jan08   Georgians may soon be allowed to water their dead plants

17jan08   Newly discovered species of giant palm can be seen from space

29dec07   Botanists abandon research efforts along US/Mexico border

27nov07   Scott's fined $500,000 for accidental release of genetically engineered weed

21oct07   Trees spliced with rabbit genes clean industrial waste

21oct07   Artificial corn chromosomes made-to-order

10oct07   Bumblebees disappearing too

26sep07   Five new plant species found in Vietnamese 'Green Corridor'

14sep07   Bigger vegetables mean reduced flavor and nutrients

06sep07   Fruit picking robots may replace migrant workers

03sep07   Bee colonies wiped out by Bayer lawn care products

27aug07   Japanese farmers grow living Hokusai woodblock prints from rice paddies

26aug07   Loss of hemlocks could devastate Appalachian ecosystem

14aug07   Woman grows strawberry inside tomato... Straw-mato?

12aug07   8,000,000 year-old preserved cypress trunks discovered

23jul07   NASA map shows US lawn coverage

18jul07   New orchid discovered in Yosemite -- that smells like sweaty feet

18jul07   Plant pathologist earns highest honors for life's work

05jul07   Hortibot destroys weeds, finds Sarah Connor

05jul07   Hydroponic strawberry farms way of the future?

20jun07   Cogongrass gives kudzu a run for its money down south

19jun07   Australian apple moth invades California

14jun07   Plants recognize their own siblings

11jun07   CT scanners find insects in trees

26may07   Woman poisons playground tree to improve view

11apr07   Endangered species act is threatened, faces extirpation

23mar07   Giant witch-faced turnip found in Wellington

13mar07   Spruce trees appearing in arctic tundras

10mar07   Attack of the killer Rhododendrons

08mar07   Scientists devise method to keep bananas fresh

07mar07   Gunslinger shoots and kills noxious weeds

15feb07   Chinese enjoy spacecraft-mutated purple potatoes

11feb07   Is Arundo donax the answer to our power problems?

07feb07   It's warm in Britain, but smells like corpses

22jan07   Gardening trends for 2007

22jan07   Monaco installs first European carbon sink

17jan07   Bush administration to recognize global warming threat

04jan07   Brooklyn cherry trees blooming during unseasonably warm winter

21dec06   Climate changes affecting USDA hardiness maps

14dec06   Pacific Northwest Horticultural Conservancy aims to save Heronswood gardens

11dec06   US to spray 320,000 acres in Afghanistan with Roundup

10dec06   100 million year-old bee found in amber

29nov06   Illinois lumber, logs, wood chips, and firewood transport limited by emerald ash borer

29nov06   Red cedar more of a pest than a pleasure

03nov06   Woolly adelgids attacking Kentucky hemlocks

05oct06   Cross-dressing cycad thief caught after dropping breasts

17sep06   Beetles being imported to save hemlock trees

06sep06   Gene sequencing key to sudden oak death cure

30aug06   Louisiana family grows record-setting watermelon

23aug06   Yellow jackets starting to form giant nests

17aug06   Genetically engineered grass found escaped in wild

22jun06   New self-pollination method found in wild Chinese orchid

31may06   Burpee shutting down Heronswood Nursery?

30may06   Another benefit of global warming: more poison ivy

29may06   Giant worms resurface in US

22may06   Largest US community garden evicted by developer

20may06   Stand of unblighted American chestnuts discovered

18may06   California front yard stolen

21apr06   Sudden Oak Death didn't come from the US

21apr06   It sucks to be algae in Hawai'i

09apr06   Guerrilla Gardeners of London attack at night

08apr06   Shortening your plants with a shot of tequila

08mar06   Engineered plants glow when thirsty

28feb06   Winter lawn browning? Give it some green paint

27feb06   Exposure to nature reduces ADD

19feb06   Industrial espionage rocks rose hybriding world

08feb06   4.4 million acres of Canadian rainforest saved from logging

08feb06   Dozens of new species discovered in lost Indonesian rain forest

04feb06   Radish with fighting spirit perseveres despite decapitation

01feb06   Christopher Lloyd remembered

23jan06   Orchid black market 'fleur'-ishing

21jan06   Will homes of the future use LIVE timber?

20jan06   340-year-old oak finds future in wine barrels

12jan06   New electrical energy source found in trees

12jan06   Plants produce significant amounts of methane gas

03dec05   Glow-in-the-dark roses add bling, fo' shizzle

23nov05   U.S. reduces tariffs on Canadian lumber

20nov05   Oaks uprooted by Katrina to help repair historical whaling ship

02nov05   Forget cloning! Splice your DNA into a tree

25oct05   Caterpillars drive syrup prices upwards

21oct05   Student finds world's oldest red spruce

20oct05   Red fall color found to be murderous

20oct05   New moonwort species discovered near Georgetown

02oct05   Endangered species act rewritten

23sep05   Evil dwarf Amazon gardener found to be acid-spitting ant colony

06aug05   Scientists develop plants to grow on Mars

06aug05   Florida woman's garden grows a $73,000 fine

01aug05   Price of cypress going to go up

30jul05   Planting trees may help create deserts

29jul05   Echinacea proven not to help colds

27jul05   Deadly blackberry fungus invades U.S.

29jun05   Boy Scouts earn landscape architecture merit badge

13jun05   Waiting 2030 years to get a date

08jun05   Sugar esters new future of pest control

08jun05   Another titan arum blooming at UW-Madison

08jun05   Winter moths moving south, invade Massachusetts

08jun05   Activists plant endangered wildflowers to thwart development efforts

26may05   Thought-to-be-extinct California wildflower found after 60 years

13may05   Grapefruit tree claims immunity under Geneva Convention

02may05   Rising oil prices raise maple syrup costs

01may05   Kudzu attacks Indiana, threatens soybeans

29apr05   Once-thought to be extinct woodpecker alive and well

11apr05   EPA cancels program to study pesticides on poor children for $970

07apr05   The trials and tribulations of a US maple syrup maker

04apr05   Are trees the next oil?

04apr05   American elms making a comeback

03apr05   Alan Bloom dies at 98

02apr05   Daylight Savings Time is this weekend!

02apr05   American Daffodil Society meets at Missouri Botanic Garden

30mar05   Top ten list of invasive plants in Canada

12mar05   Major changes coming that will affect all US gardeners -- how can YOU make a difference?

02mar05   April declared National Landscape Architecture Month

02mar05   Hawai'i running short on landscape architects

23feb05   Gallery of gluttonous trees

20feb05   Gardening teaches juvenile detention residents life values

20feb05   Monarch butterfly populations 75% lower in 2004

19feb05   Strawberry latent ringspot virus found in North America

16feb05   Kyoto Global Warming Pact takes effect... Sort of.

16feb05   Oldest oak in Versailles uprooted

12feb05   American ginseng on verge of extinction from deer

02feb05   Could trees become our energy savior?

02feb05   Species extinction rate accelerating

02feb05   Toronto to get botanical garden

31jan05   World's highest botanical garden built in China

31jan05   Scientists figure out how a venus flytrap works

30jan05   Indonesian Forestry Minister to replant mangroves

15jan05   Sun is actually up to 30% dimmer than fifty years ago

14jan05   Single-season seed producers suing farmers

10jan05   Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch' named 2006 Perennial Plant of the Year

07jan05   Chamaecyparis nootkatensis moved to Callitropsis genus

06jan05   Wisconsin pesticide registry now available to homeowners

05jan05   hort.net needs your help

31dec04   New CA law limits flammable vegetation

27dec04   Keyhole gardens save lives in Lesotho

25dec04   Illinois DNR cutbacks will cause natural resources to suffer

24dec04   US government prepares to restrict nursery shipments

23dec04   Scientists discover new animal and plant species in Borneo

23dec04   Des Moines Botanical Center starts fund-raising for new gardens

23dec04   Forest Service announces changes to National Forest Management Act

21dec04   Where have the Illinois flowers gone?

21dec04   Canberra Arboretum starts 3-year, $10 million renovation

21dec04   Powell Gardens signs for $6 million expansion

16dec04   New York Botanical Garden restores conifers that were buried alive

16dec04   Black market for Scottish sphagnum moss damages native habitats

15dec04   Rush to fix student grades leaves them unaware of land stewardship duties

15dec04   Thieves in SE US nuts about pecans

14dec04   Spring arrives earlier than in the past

13dec04   Half of the homes and workplaces needed by 2030 don't exist yet

13dec04   Japan exports fruit as domestic consumption drops

12dec04   Forbes and Colorado Open Lands trust save 80,000 acres

11dec04   Cycad thefts continue in Florida and California

11dec04   History of the poinsettia

11dec04   hort.net top stories now available as RSS feed

10dec04   German forests growing fast, but sick

10dec04   Alaska Botanical Garden flush with cash, ready to start improvements

16nov04   Rainbow-hued carrots aren't just for your eyes any more

11nov04   Chicago Botanic Garden releases six-year Lamium study results

11nov04   American Standard for Nursery Stock now available free, online

26oct04   At risk dead trees vital to forest life

20oct04   Where to get grants or give money for prairie research

18oct04   Indiana destroying 24,000 trees to prevent spread of emerald ash borer

18oct04   Hurricanes blamed for spreading citrus canker

09oct04   Six year-old boy grows 2.5 pound apple

06oct04   New record-setting pumpkin tips scales at 1446 pounds!

22sep04   Superweeds are just a golf course away

04sep04   Alaska man grows record-setting 707 pound pumpkin

31aug04   Using ecology to outwit weeds

30aug04   A hummingbird is born -- pictorial from egg to fledgling

16aug04   Cold NE winters protecting against wooly adelgid

11aug04   Burning your prairie? Maybe it's time to start mowing

11aug04   Sudden Death Syndrome found in Indiana soybean fields

05aug04   PhotoShop contest: If trees ruled the world (rated 'T')

05aug04   Police can't tell hibiscus and marijuana apart

21jul04   Talk to your plants? Now they can sing back!

19jul04   Don't squash mosquitoes; flick them!

16jul04   Update on hort.net fund drive

16jul04   Brood X cicadas head back underground

24jun04   University of Connecticut corpse flower ready to bloom

23jun04   Invasive plants problematic in Alabama

15jun04   Orange you glad it's cauliflower?

14jun04   Fast-food annuals: super-size me

13jun04   Can American chestnuts make a comeback?

13jun04   Winning the battle against loosestrife, one weevil at a time

10jun04   Hemlock wooly adelgids found in Vermont

05jun04   Shrub and flower theft problematic in Dallas

04jun04   Fear of giant African snails forces confiscations in US

04jun04   First boxwood encyclopedia published by American Boxwood Society

03jun04   Extreme weather prompts unprecedented global warming alert

02jun04   Sun 10% dimmer than fifty years ago

01jun04   Royal Horticultural Society honored with UK stamp series

01jun04   Texas plant poaching running rampant

24may04   Wild bamboo forests face extinction

24may04   Emerald ash borer concerns restrict firewood transport

24may04   Cancer research yields a true blue rose

24may04   EPA restrictions loosened for formaldahyde-producing timber plants

23may04   Does an organic food label mean anything any more?

15may04   2004 All-American Rose Selections (AARS) named

11may04   Higher temperatures turn plants into killers

03may04   Brood X cicadas are coming

03may04   Last existing alani tree produces offspring, with a little help

02apr04   American chestnuts poised to make a comeback

29mar04   Daylily auctioned off for world-record setting cost

26mar04   Combatting Alzheimer's through gardening

26mar04   Dutch firm setting up flower breeding plant in Kenya

24mar04   Contest will award $10,000 for worst lawn in US

23mar04   Global warming changes maple syrup industry

19mar04   The world is undergoing its sixth mass extinction

18mar04   Photoshop theme: If plants ruled the world... [some blue humor]

17mar04   Georgia quarantines all nursery plants from California

16mar04   Monrovia offers more detail on Sudden Oak Death finds

13mar04   Sudden Oak Death found on camellias in California

08mar04   Pitch canker found in Sierra Nevada

08mar04   10,000 outlaw roses destroyed in Florida

29feb04   The evolution of raspberries

05feb04   Once again, a geranium blight scare in the US

05feb04   USDA uses Acer mono as bait for Asian longhorned beetle

03feb04   Are plant rescue programs ethical?

02feb04   Mosquitoes in your yard? It might not be all bad

23jan04   Is your garden really a cluster of computers?

17jan04   Whitebark pine discovered on Mount Ashland in Oregon

17jan04   Mystery of world's largest flower solved

14jan04   Transgenic mosquitoes to battle malaria?

07jan04   Exotic insect threat forces recall of Christmas pine cones

05jan04   Icewine is back after four year dry spell

31dec03   Forest grump cut down

21dec03   Memorial service for Tony Veca, contribution information for memorial fund

14dec03   Fertilizers increasing frog deformities

02dec03   Making Paulownias grow faster

18nov03   MSU's 90 year-old extension program facing elimination

18nov03   Garlic kills slugs

18nov03   Free compost may not be worth the price

04nov03   Invasion of the rabbit's foot fern

03nov03   Siamese walnuts found, boxwood takes root in woman's thigh!

25oct03   Asian beetles to eradicate pesky tamarisk shrubs

21oct03   Official 1385-pound record-breaking pumpkin grown in Oregon

18oct03   'Farmer Mike' carves BIG pumpkins for Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival

08oct03   World's largest bamboo found in Yunnan

06oct03   CNN map shows best times of the year for fall color throughout US

04oct03   New treatment for Sudden Oak Death approved

03oct03   Young brother/sister pair grow 500 pound pumpkin

30sep03   The story behind a 750-pound squash

29sep03   Congress appropriates $20 million to battle Mormon crickets

29sep03   Crickets tracked with tiny transmitters

16sep03   New world record for largest pumpkin weighs in at 1458 pounds

16sep03   Popular Science editors rate raising corpse flowers as 12th worst job in science

12sep03   Rare and endangered plants of Hawaii showcased at U.S. Botanic Garden

12sep03   Spotted knapweed shown to trigger suicide in neighboring plants

12sep03   Efforts underway to resurrect American chestnut

09sep03   American Hydrangea Society Web site up and running!

05sep03   Colored mulches continue to improve crop production

03sep03   Homeowners association fines woman for official wildlife habitat in yard

27aug03   Disease affecting pecan trees linked to nickel deficiency

27aug03   Bonsai trees pampered in own hotel in Portugal

27aug03   Man grows prize-winning 2 pound, 9.5 oz. tomato

27aug03   Trees going dormant early in areas of drought

23aug03   Michigan town to destroy many ash trees

23aug03   Soybean aphids moving south

22aug03   Environmentalists sue EPA in effort to ban most popular US herbicide

22aug03   British artists make art out of grass in Chicago

22aug03   Union Slough prairies need your help, again

21aug03   Emerald ash borer could devastate Illinois

21aug03   New USDA vegetable laboratory dedicated

16aug03   Giant redwoods become weather stations on wireless network

13aug03   Rare heirloom seed collection lost in fire

12aug03   Scientists developing fungus to eradicate Ailanthus trees

11aug03   Florida wants to cultivate the next kudzu

30jul03   Insects killing Northeast conifers

14jul03   Gene swapping between plant species possible

07jul03   Jumping oak gall prevalent in St. Louis again

03jul03   Scientists working to extract seed dormancy genes

01jul03   Grass clippings left on lawn aid environment

25jun03   Golf courses good for environment

18jun03   More cycads stolen in California; do you have info?

11jun03   Global climatic changes have benefited plant life on Earth

30may03   New Asian beetle threatens American ash trees

23may03   HELP! Do you know of a Nebraska prairie for sale?

17may03   Help out bees -- don't just plant hybrids

15may03   DNA tests show orchids are close relatives of... asparagus?

09may03   National Bonsai and Penjing Museum reopens

04may03   Russian gene bank faces eviction

27apr03   Cypress Gardens closing, state of Florida may purchase

22apr03   The physics of gardening in space

21apr03   2003 Garden Golden Globe Award Recipients Announced

20apr03   Graham Stuart Thomas passes away

19apr03   400,000 year-old DNA reecovered from extinct plants

14apr03   Frog Gene Spliced Into Rhododendrons to Prevent Root Rot

12mar03   Rare US Fern Threatened by Invading Earthworms

25feb03   Asiatica Nursery Suffers Severe Fire Damage

14feb03   National prairie coalition formed

09feb03   Iowa prairies need your help!

06feb03   Trillium rivale brought into new genus, named Pseudotrillium rivale

05feb03   Stolen cycads recovered!

28jan03   20 Rare African Plants Stolen from Quail Botanical Gardens

24jan03   Pride of Place Plants adds 25 Japanese hydrangeas to its lineup

13jan03   Scientists plan to find and name every species within 25 years

11jan03   California Environmentalist Fights to Save Oak

02dec02   2002 Garden Writer's Guild Award Winners Announced

26nov02   Patent Litigation Threatens Gardening eCommerce

25nov02   ICanGarden.com Announces International Garden Tours for 2003

20nov02   Kew Gardens releases first version of ePIC, a database search interface

09nov02   Ivy of the Year Announced for 2003

08nov02   Six Centuries of Horticultural Publications Acquired by Chicago Botanical Garden

07nov02   Asian rust fungus attacking daylilies in Western Hemisphere

06nov02   Eradicate Polio by Purchasing Delphinium Seeds!

04nov02   Asian Lonhorn Beetle Sighted in New Jersey

04nov02   National Organics Program Takes Effect

18oct02   African vegetable gardens reduce vitamin A deficiency

18oct02   Future of young people in the horticulture industry

10oct02   New species of conifer discovered, Chamaecyparis becomes Xanthocyparis

07oct02   New giant pumpkin world-record at 1337.6 pounds!

07oct02   Brewster Rogerson's 900-plant Orgeon-based clematis collection needs help!

06oct02   Flora of Indiana republished after 60 years by Blackburn Press

05oct02   Some new plant introductions for 2003

04oct02   9/11 flower vigil compost enriches New York garden

04oct02   USDA defines 'organic' in terms that apply to flower production, too

30sep02   Impending mini ice age may drop global temps 10 degrees faranheit

28sep02   Ukrainian wetlands in danger

26sep02   Why the proposed Bush burn policy is bad

26sep02   Gardening *IS* good for the soul

25aug02   USDA changes regulations on artificially dwarfed plants

20aug02   Drought monitor map shows state of U.S.

14aug02   Roof gardens help beat the heat

06aug02   Building a quick and easy pond in a barrel

04aug02   August 4-10 National Farmer's Market Week

29jul02   2002 Floral flag in full bloom

22jul02   Do chemical grass treatments increase health risks?

20jul02   Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show at Tatton Park

18jul02   World's largest flower at Quail Botanical Gardens

16jul02   First Windsor Castle public gardens complete

13jul02   Predicting Invasions of Nonindigenous Plants and Plant Pests published online

09jul02   Pesticide-based frog deformities linked to parasites

09jul02   Not just any Georgetown garden

23jun02   Earlier flowering from global warming could have evolutionary impact

18jun02   Invasive fleabane watch; call APHIS if seen!

14jun02   National Agriculture Library honors memory of Wye Oak

08jun02   White oak national champion gone

04jun02   Crescent sunset June 10th, 2002

17may02   Darryl Probst and his Epimedium quest

15may02   Vinegar may be the most effective organic weedkiller

07may02   May 18th visit to Munchkin Nursery on for perennials list members!

30apr02   Parks to use new technology in war against Asian long-horned beetles

29apr02   Early bird deadline for ACGA conference approaching

22apr02   Conservation title of Farm Bill needs your help!

17apr02   Weed killer causes sexual mutations in vertebrates

16apr02   Horticultural Therapy and Community Outreach Internship at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

09apr02   hort.net gallery reaches 2500 image mark!

08apr02   More about pet supplier lawsuit from MSNBC.com

06apr02   Pet supplier sues online aquatic plant discussion list for millions

03apr02   Last chance to register for 2002 American Hosta Society National Convention!

24mar02   One week left to comment on proposed USDA regulations!

17mar02   Propagation databases

27feb02   Federal prairie funding needs your help!

25jan02   Polk City Cemetery prairie saved!!!

11jan02   New crop can mine metals at a low cost

28dec01   Perennials list members to visit Munchkin Nursery May 18th

21dec01   Geoffrey Charlesworth garden poetry shared

01dec01   Seed import permits -- what do they mean to you?

22nov01   Polk City Cemetery prairie in danger of being destroyed!

15nov01   80 years of vegetation and landscape changes in the Northern Great Plains

13nov01   Renovations to bonsai museum under way

03nov01   Plant/Soil symbiosis

03nov01   Using fungi to control weeds

25oct01   Brightly colored potatoes are better for you!

27sep01   Achillea millefolium may not be as bad as you think

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