Re: Sick alocasia

Steve, I grow a few different types of Alocasias and some of them seem to
sulk and go dormant at unpredictable times, and I haven't yet figured out
whether there is any regular seasonal pattern.  The drooping of the
oldest, outermost leaves may be a signal of this.  I suggest that you just
be patient, back off on the watering, and wait till new sprouts come


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On Mon, 31 Mar 1997, Steve H wrote:

> Fellow Aroiders,
> I recently purchased an alocasia plant from Home Depot. I brought it home
> and repotted it into a larger pot. I was very careful not to disturb the
> root mass. With in a week two of the four leaves began to droop. The base
> of the leaf stems became soft and mushy and eventually rotted off at the
> base of the plant. Since then the remaining two leaves have drooped to the
> extent that the stems can no longer support the leaves. No rot on these two
> yet. Can anybody give me some advice as to what is going on with my plant?
> Can it be saved?
> Steve Hall

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