Re: zamioculcas inquiry

Dear Tsuh

      If nothing changed suddently, the genus Zamioculcas is monospecific
(i.e. Z. zamiifolia is the only species). It occurs in Zanzibar and
Eastern Africa, growing as an understory herb in the forests along the 
shore . I've never seen this plant in the wild, but I'm almost sure that 
it is seasonally dormant and the aerial portions do disappear during the dry 

"Ate logo, amigo",


On Fri, 18 Apr 1997 wrote:

>      dear aroiders,
>     =20
>      1) how many species are there in the zamioculcas genus? =20
>     =20
>      2) in its native habitat, does z. zamiifolia ever go dormant or is it=20
>      evergreen?
>     =20
>      tsuh yang chen, new york city
>     =20

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