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Sent: 	Wednesday, April 23, 1997 11:07 AM
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>Dear Eduardo
>In Dominica we make calaloo with the young furled leaves of Colocasia 
>The skin from the rib  of the leaf is removed with a knife before cooking. 
>Sometimes we add the milk from the coconut to make it richer.
>We peel and parboil the corm, crush it and mix it with chopped onion, celery, 

>spices and a little butter,roll it into fingers and fry it golden.
>Anne G. J. Baptiste
>Papillote Wilderness Retreat


Dear Anne,
                Did you read my receipe for calaloo, and what did you think of 
it as a fellow W.Indian?  We do something simular to your fried Dasheen 
"fingers", but with raw grated Tannia [Xanthosoma sagittifolia], the white of 
an egg,chopped onion, garlic, etc. fried in hot oil.  It`s called "tannia 

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