RE: Amydrium medium

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Sent: 	Thursday, April 24, 1997 10:08 PM
To: 	Julius Boos
Subject: 	Re: Amydrium medium

>Dewey -
>I think we all have our scary plant stories.  I used to live in a mobile 
>in college and overwintered my Epiphyllum plant in my spare room, in >the
<middle of some boxes.  I did not open the door for about three months - 
>the first tendrils started sticking out  of the door.
>Stacy Holtzman

Stacey--  Good one!!  Write it up as a movie script!!   Wait till the folks 
that are growing Amorphophallus titanum ex. Jim Symon`s seed are confronted by 
a 30` tall, 30` wide LEAF!  And a 7` bloom that is said to smell like an 
elephants corpse!
  THAT will take the cake!
  Cheers, Julius.

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