Two questions

Hello all,

I have two questions to ask of anyone who might know.

1).  There is a Zantideschia of which I would like to know the name.  The
plant gets to be about 5' to 6' high, with green and white varigated leaves,
and the inflorescence's spathes have the same varigation.  In other words,
they match.   It's big and beautiful.

2).  I have an Alocacia (called only by the name of 'African Mask' by the
nursery).  Of course I got two Alocacias with the same name from that the
same store, but both are very different.   This one in particular has a
bloom with a sickle shaped spathe which curves away from the spadix at it's
base, then curves back towards and touches the very tip of it's white
spadix.  At the base of the spathe, it is marble shaped before it flares out
into the sickle part (constricted?)  Can someone tell me which one this is?
It's leaves are simply dark green (saran wrapped) with 'white-lime' raised
veins, and maroon underneath, and are lance or spear shaped.  The
inflorescence had a 'new vinal' (the old stuff) scent that I just noticed
this morning, but faded as the day went on, and is gone tonight.

Thanks for help,
Sue Zunino

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