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From: Dewey Fisk <>
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Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 3:14 PM
Subject: Inflorescence

Dear Dewey,
FANTASTIC!  Yes, Lasimorpha senegalensis is perhaps one of the most
beautiful of the Lasioids, and Josef Bogner to whom I am indebted to for the
original plant, told me that the beautiful infloresences of this plant are
sold as cut flowers in Germany, imported from African nations where they are
wild collected!  Keep us informed as it develops.
As you know I managed to produce seed on my plants last year by hand
pollenation, and gave them to quite a few members.  I`d love to hear how
they are doing.

>Wonder of wonders!  I have Lassiamorpha senegalensis with an emerging
inflorescence!  It is not near open yet but I can't wait to see the whole

This plant was very generously given to me by Julius Boos...

Julius, it is beautiful and I am elated!

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