Re: Help in identifying a taro cultivar

On Aug 12,  9:36am, Eric Walton wrote:
> Subject: Help in identifying a taro cultivar
> Dear All
> I am wondering if someone could help me with an identification of 'a
> taro'.
> Last week I was on holiday in Cairns, in north-eastern Queenland,
> Australia.  While visiting the local botanical gardens I saw a most
> beautiful taro.  The leaves were completely reddish purple in colour
> with a mat finish.  The leaves came out green, veins purple, and
> turned green with age.

Sounds exactly like Colocasia 'Black Magic, aka, C. 'Jet Black wonder'
My experience has been that if it is treated as an aquaitc it will only
get to 2 feet tall, but if put out in the garden in full sun, it will
easily reach 6 to 8 feet tall in a growing season.
This plant has proven quite cold hardy here in USDA Zone 7.

This plant was originally discovered in the Phillipines as an aquatic

Plant Delights Nurs. here in Raleigh, NC carries this plant, see there
web page at:

This plant is probably the most asked about plant in my garden.


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