Amorphophallus species source

I am a new comer to Aroid-L with rather a single purpose in mind.  A
non-Interneting gardening friend of mine asked that I search out a source
for Amorphophallus riverii.  I've done a quick perusal of some Aroid
related web sites and I'm unable to find this species listed anywhere.
Perhaps riverii is an older botanical name which has been replaced by
something else or this species has possibly been moved to another genus by
plant taxonomists. I saw the information about the Aroid-L on the Web and
figured that someone on this list must have more information about this

Before I forget protocol, I should introduce myself. My name is Donald
Mosser and I'm an avid gardener and iris collector.  My favorites are
species irises and hybrid Louisiana irises.  I also belong to the American
Iris Society, AIS, and the Iris-L which is the iris world equivalent of the
Aroid-L.  Sounds like two parallel universes to me - AIS as compared to
IAS.:)  At first glance the Aroids look like a very interesting set of
plants.  I must take a deeper look at some of the Aroid related web sites
to see if there is something else that I should be growing other than
irises.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide me with more
information of A. riverii.


Donald Mosser
North Augusta, SC, USA
USDA Zone 8

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