Spectacular aroids - which ones?


>From our recent discussion of Colocasia 'Jet Black Wonder', a.k.a. 'Black
Magic', it is one of those plants that make an impression on everyone,
even if they aren't aroid fanatics or perhaps even if they aren't really
horticulturally inclined. 

This leads me to ask what other "Oh wow!" aroids people are growing, the
ones that stop your visitors for a second look and really excite those
who love plants? 

I'm interested in hearing about the whole family, from the Arisaema that
makes both arisaema enthusiasts and non-growers alike stop and ask, to the
tropicals that draw the oohs and ahs and everything in between.

Completely aside from my selfish desire to learn about other plants I
might like to grow (which I freely admit), I'm always looking for things
with which to encourage potential new aroiders (who may or may not be
experienced growers). 

So what are these plants, and what about them makes them spectacular?


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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