Spectacular Aroids #2

This is part two of three

Anthurium salvinae      This is one of the unusual birdsnest Anthuriums in
that the new leaf first unfolds like a fern fiddle head, then the two sides
of the leaf unroll from the mid-vein until the leaf is flat.  An
interesting plant to observe.  One caution, this plant can, under good
conditions, get 6' to 8' leaves.  See Revision of Anthurium Section

Anthurium venosum       Finaly something out of Cuba that is truly
beautiful.   See Dr. Croat's "A Revision of Anthurium, Section
Pachyneurium" pg. 850.
It has a rhizome type stem that moves along the media surface.

Anthurium watermaliense Ovate leaf base with sagittate lobes.  Extreemly
attractive plant.

Anthurium willifordii   This is one of the most beautiful of the birdsnest
Anthurium.  Both sides of the leaf is covered with a velour sheen that
glistens in bright shade.  The face of the leaf is matte green and the
reverse is reddish matte.  This plant was collected in Peru on trees that
were just above the high water mark.

Anthurium x Hoffmanii   This hybrid is variable in growth habit.  Some
divisions will develop one large plant with foliage over 12" wide, others
will produce many stems and fill a pot with much smaller foliage.  The
color is similar to A. papillanimum which, I think, has to be one of the

Anthurium xanthosomifolia       This is the 'Big Daddy' of all Anthuriums.
The large cordate foliage can reach four ft. across and five to six ft.
long.  It takes a lot of space for this one.  I have seen plants that were
over seven ft. high.

Caladium bicolor  'Red & White Spots'   This is one of the 'Old Standbys'
in species Caladium.  Dark green background with white and red spots that
just cover the face of the leaf.  Striking!  The picture in Exotica does
not do it justice.

Caladium rubicundum        This is the most spectular of any Caladium I
have ever seen.  With an 18" wide and 28" long leaf, in a well grown plant,
the color is dark dusty rose/green with darker splotches.  The new emerging
leaf is breathtaking.  I collected the first plant in Southeastern Ecuador.

Caladium humboldtii...   Beautiful plant!  See Exotica.

Caladium humboldtii var. Marcel This is undoubtably the cutest plant I have
ever seen!  A mature plant is only THREE INCHES HIGH!  Each leaf is no
bigger than your thumbnail.

Caladium picturatum     ... There are many color forms of C. picturatum.
The clone that I have has a dark green background with dull red radiationg
from all the veins like an explosion.  The plant carries a lot of foliage

Caladium schomburgkii   There are several forms but I have the green and
white form.  Makes a very full plant with tear drop foliage.  In a mature
plant, the veines near the petiole are streaked with red.

Caladium sp. 'Pidgen Blood'     Collected in Trinidad by Julius Boos who
gave it the name.  Light green base generously speckled with small
irregular redish blotches .  Will reach about 18" high.

Caladium sp. "Silver"   This one has a long sagittate leaf and was
collected in Peru.  The silver color is unexcelled and the mature leaf has
a pink spot where the petiole joins the leaf.

Caladium sp. "Silver speckles"  This one is similar to 'Silver' but there
are flecks of silver white on a darker silver background. The growth habit
is about twice as large, to about 20" and the foliage is longer, about 7" -

Caladium sp. Venezuela    This plant will stand about 18" high, the leaf
has a small sinus and a long lance leaf that is emerald green with cream
and a few red markings.  This is one to holler about.

Caladium "Steinberg Hybd."      A hybrid made by a friend that will get to
3' high and have a leaf the size of a dinner plate.  Color varies from
almost white to white with green splotches.  In very mature plants, a bit
of pink will show in the center of the leaf.  Big and beautiful on this

Callopsis volkensii       A little difficult for me to grow, but should do
well in a terrarium.  Delicate small white spathes encircle a golden yellow
spadix.  See Exotica.

Colocasia affinis 'jenningsii'  See Exotica.  This is one of the prettiest
of the genera.  It is small and has a beautiful color patern.  Needs a lot
of moisture to grow well.

Dieffenbachia sp. Nicaragua         Want a big plant...  This is it.  I
have seen this plant get to 8' high and looks like a broad leaf green palm.
The stem will get up to six inches thick.  This, under good conditions,
can get to be almost a small tree.  It is used in S. Florida in Hotels as
an accent plant.

Hapaline brownii        Another of the unusual plants in Araceae.  In the
spring, a tall slender petiole sends up an inflorescence that is not much
bigger around than the petiole.  After the inflorescence has gone, the
cordate leaf comes up.

Homalomena coerulescens    The beautiful one!  Elegant silver leaves and
petioles standing, in a mature plant, at least 3 ft high.  Each mature leaf
is cordate and suacer sized on long petioles from a stalk with very short
internodes.  One of the most attractive of all Araceae.

Monstera deliciosa 'variegata' (yellow) One good thing about the yellow
clone is that it does not grow as fast as the regular green clone.  It will
not take over.

Monstera sp. ex Venezuela       I have not let this plant get mature.  I am
afraid it would take over.  The juvinal foliage is wide lanceolate, deeply
ribbed and very dark green.

Philodendron acuminatissimum    This one is rare and does not grow that
fast.  Mature plant has large 'T' shaped leaves that will reach 4 ft. wide
and 5 ft. long but this requires a very mature plant and lots of space and

Philodendron 'Anderson's Red'   The original plant that started the hybrid
Philo. craze.  It has a fat hastate leaf and is so dark red that it is
almost brownish.

Philodendron andreanum    The long velour one!  With dark velour matte
finish and white or cream veins, this is one beauty of a plant.  Needs a
tall totem to reach full beauty.

Philodendron andreanum x verrucosum       The velour of andreanum on the
face of the leaf mixed with the red of verrucosum on the back of the leaf.
A striking combination.  It is a beautiful plant on a totem.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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