Re: Spectacular Aroids #3

To add to the confusion, I've seen a (?this) plant listed as a black Alocasia!

At 10:03 AM 8/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>From Dewey's post:
>> Xanthosoma sp. "Blackie"        The Black one that everybody is talking
>> about.   The leaf is so black that it looks like black velour.
>Have we been talking about a black Xanthosoma recently?  I know there's
>been a lot of discussion of Colocasia "black magic".  Is the Xanthosoma
>yet another black-leaved plant?  As I mentioned several months ago, I
>saw a Xanthosoma violacea at Kew Gardens that had almost black leaves
>(huge ones, too), although what is sold as Xanthosoma violacea around
>here always has green leaves.  Incidentally, a friend of mine (not on
>the list) told me about a recent program on one of those "home and
>garden" t.v. shows.  Seems they mentioned a *black caladium*, and were
>recommending it for the home gardener.  Is there a black caladium, a
>black Xanthosoma, and a black colocasia (black magic), or are people
>debating the correct name?
>Clarence Hester

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