Re: Potting Mix for Anthuriums?

 Tim, Dewey, or anyone else,

 >>>>  I use a media of 1/3 Canadian Peat
Moss, 1/3 Perlite and 1/3 composted pine bark in small chunks...  This
allows lots of air in the roots and is well drained...  Anthuriums do not
like "WET FEET', but they do like to be moist at all times...  If a plant
does not seem to like the above....  I will add a few styrofoam peanuts to
the mix....  this gets more air circulation to the roots...<<<<

I'm not sure how to ask this, but I'll give it a try so as not to seem really
dumb.  If the soil medium is already a nice epiphyte soil like the one
discribed here, and the plant still doesn't look happy, how do you determine
if it's from the lack of air?  What I mean is, how do you know which way to
go, add peanuts or take away peanuts?  This is usually hard for me to
read.... which way the plant isn't happy.  I have an Anthurium growing in a
rich, almost garden type soil that is doing fine, and blooming, which would
seem to muddle the question of whether it's getting enough air in it's
present soil in relation to an epiphyte mixture.  If my plant was not being
happy, I would't have much problem figuring out that I need to add peanuts,
but if I start out with an already airy mixture.. where to go from
there....assuming there is no lack of moisture or nutritional problem.  

Sue Zunino


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