For you hungry Arisaema collectors, Heronswood Nursery has released the
following 1997 species:

Arisaema aff. griffithii HWJCM 147
A. amurense
A. angustatum var.penin f. varieg DJH 171
A. angustatum Var. Peninsulae DJH 192
A. consanguineum
A. draconitium
A. erubescens
A. flavum
A. franchetianum
A. heterophyllum
A. jacquemontii
A. nepenthoides
A. ringens BSWJ 1522
A. sazensoo
A. speciosum
A. taiwanensis - grey leaf
A. taiwanensis BSWJ 1879
A  tortuosum - blackstem form
A. tortuosum HWJCM 561
A. triphyllum
A. aff. verrucosum HWJCM 161

Well that is it and my check book is going to be a little bit  emptier
this year.. Don=92t tell my wife...  I have noticed that GardenNet has
Heronswood on their homepage catalog listing for downloading. For some
reason it will not work for me and I assume I have all the correct
plugins and gizmo=92s. I hate when a Nursery pay=92s money to a service a=
it does not work for a customer. If Dan has the time, I will teach him
how to do this or one of his staff to put his catalog on the internet.

Heronswood address is located at GardenNet or on my main homepage. THe
catalog is $4.00 USD and is worth every penny. IT IS THICK and full of

Duncan McAlpine
Federal Way, WA  USA=20
Why buy plants when you can grow them yourself.....?

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