Re: Helicodiceros and Dracunculus

Hi Aroideans!

My name is Nathanael Simonsson and I live in Sweden..
I am going to be very interested in Aroids, I've got some species now 
from USA and I wonder if anyone want to trade with me? I have these 
aroids to offer:
Arisaema amurense
 " sp. #1 (no description)
 " sp. #2 (no more description than "Striped flowers")
 " tortuosum ex KBE 094 [coll. Kashmir, 3000m. 1983]
Arisarum vulgare
Arum orientale
Biarum tenuifolium (out of order soon!)

Do anyone want to trade with me?
I am searching for Amorphophallus, Dracunculus, Arum creticum, Pinellia 
and more..

I can also trade out Asclepiadaceae, Gesneriaceae or 1000 different 
species of many different families (seed).
Look at my website!

Ps. the English version is not finished but halfway to do.. 
Gesneriaceae - please look at:

Have a nice day!

Merry Xmas to you all!

Nathanael in Sweden... here it is none snow... want to have snow!

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