Jack in the Pulpit

I am looking from some specific info that perhaps some expert gardener
can answer.  I am writing a paper on the ecology of the
In some of the references I have used, it is stated that the sex of the
plant is dependent upon the age, soil conditions and nutrition level of
the individual 
plant.  What I need to know is -- what are those soil conditions, age,
levels.  I have not been able to find a reference that addresses this
point.  If anyone can provide me with these details, I would be eternally
 :)  .  If the material comes from a book, I would need its title,
authors, place of publication, publisher and copyright date.  If the info
is coming from your 
expertise, I would need to know your qualifications for making the
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.  If you think you know a
site or 
person I can contact that might be able to answer this, I would be
grateful for any leads also.  You can e-mail me at    

schwartzl@juno.com.                              Linda Schwartz

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