Re: Source?

Thanks,  we have several large surgical supply houses locally...  will try
them..  Also, can checkwith my vet....

>At 08:56 PM 2/10/97 -0600, Dewey Fisk wrote:
>>I need a source to purchase tweesers...  you know, the long ones - about 8
>>inches - that will allow the easier of handling seed.  Anthurium seed are
>>difficult with the fingers...  They must have the serrations on the inside
>>of the point to grasp the seed..  Anyone know where I can get them?  Thanks
>>for your help...
>>Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
>>Davie, Florida 33328
>>FAX:    (954) 680-0305
>Surgical supply. I can send you a vet supply catalog that carries these
>things.I have such a pair as you describe in my automotive toolbox, but had
>never thought of it for handling seed. But I will now!

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Davie, Florida 33328
FAX:    (954) 680-0305

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