Amorphophallus Morphophallology

Dear Wilbert et al;
	Dept of dumb questions.
	I've always thought the appendix of the spadix (the terminal
portion above the male floral zone) was olbviously the visual target in
pollination. It is often the largest portion of the spadix, usually the
most colorful etc etc.
	In your admirable Aroideana guide to the genus you mention that the
appendix is also the source for scent and exudes droplets of fluid and may
be the source for all the heat.
It does make sense (scents) more likely for the portion that warms up to
exude its liquid perfume, warm it up and be situatuated above the spadix
-or at least at the top to do all this and get maximum scent exposure.

	So my question.... Is all this supposition true? Does the appedix
fluid also have any attraction to insects (sugars or?) ? And it seems that
the appendix seems to have the greatest range of variation of any spadix
components. Eh?

	Thanks		Jim W.

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