Germination of Anchomanes difformis

Dear Aroiders...
Last November, I received (thanks to Rob McClure) seeds of Anchomanes
difformis.  I placed the seeds in just damp coconut fiber (coir) and placed
them at 37C in a sealed container.  After several weeks, the seeds began to
germinate, puting out a radicle perhaps 2-3 mm long.  At this point, they
seem to have stopped.   Is this some type of double-dormancy?  What should
I do, if anything, to tempt the seedlings on to the next step?  Am I using
too high a temperature (chosen because of Anchomanes tropical nature)?

Also, on a semi-aroid related question:  I am leaving for a week in western
Mexico (the usual tourist places - Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Mazatlan,
Ixtapa, and Cabo San Lucas.  The tour is offering the usual shore
excursions, but is anyone aware of any botanical gardens that would be
accessable from these ports?

Thanks for any and all help.

Don Martinson
Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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