Winter-active aroids

MJ Hatfield writes:
 > And Wayside Gardens, A Gardener's Treasury, has:
 > 	 Arum italicum 'Pictum' for only $14.95
These prices seem appropriate for the Treasury.  Two years ago, I planted
A. italicum (5 for $5 as I recall) among my Hosta, and have been delighted
each fall as they send up their foliage amidst the debris of the Hosta.
What others among the hardy aroids have a reverse season like A. italicum,
leafing over winter and blooming in the spring?

By the way, thanks Wilbert and others for the taxonomy discussions.  We
have similar problems in astronomy of course--witness the lovely thermal
classification scheme, strictly alphabetical, for stellar spectra devised
in the last century.  Alas, helium was unknown, so spectra with helium
lines got thrown any old place and the alphabet has now become OBAFGKMRNS
with lots of letters lost by the wayside.  But the naming of planetary 
features, asteroids and the likes falls strictly under the rule of the
Commission on Nomenclature of the International Astronomical Union.  Although
whatever they say, is the law, any professional journal is full of

Clear skies,
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