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Subject: Re: Tuber Storage Question

Dewey Fisk wrote:
> I have a question on Tuber Storage...  I like to store mine for the winte=
> where I can keep an eye on them for potential rot.. [snip]=20
 Does anyone have any experience in this area?  Comments appreciated.
> Dewey

Mr. Fisk and Others,

I too have experience only with A. Konjac (Rivieri) over the last 20=20
years.  For many years I tried to grow them indoors and was rewarded with=
lots of offshoots but only one =93flower=94.  On the screen porch I got=20
somewhat larger plants but again not flowers.  With the short growing=20
season, windy summers and cold winters, it took a long time for me to=20
decide to get a really large pot and try one outside.  Wow, what a=20
difference.  First year the result was a much larger tuber - but no=20
flower.  But the next year the tuber was bigger still and I had flowers=20
on two plants.  In the course of all this, I have stored tubers in=20
several ways.
- Just leave them in the pot and wait for spring when the tip starts to=20
- I usually dig them up to see what they have done over the summer and=20
how many offshoots there are.  And sometimes I just replant a few in the=20
pot and wait till spring
- I have buried the tubers in peat moss in the cellar (65 degs) and=20
moistened them a couple of times
- I have left them out on some newspapers or on top of a bed of peat

The results have been the same.  The last couple years I have had bigger=20
flowers each year in proportion to the size of the tuber.  I=92ve never had=
one rot and they don=92t seem to shrivel up much if at all.  I have noticed=
that they grow best / largest if I plant them in individual pots.  Even=20
out in the garden in more sun is not as good.  When I used to plant a=20
large tuber and a few smaller ones in  a pot because they look nice as a=20
little forest, the large tuber doesn=92t seem to grow nearly as large. =20
This last year I put about a 3-4 inch diameter tuber in a 10 inch plastic=
pot in May and by September it split the pot up one side it was so big.

Hope this helps.

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