Re: Rhaphidophora Decursiva = Philodendron ?

At 06:36 PM 1/7/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I finally made a visit to The Huntington yesterday.  The drive from
>San Diego to San Marino wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected :).
>They had a plant that was very similar in appearance to a Monstera
>Deliciosa, but the slits were deeper (almost all the way to the
>center) and there were no holes.  Another difference was that the
>infructesence was a very pale blue, almost grey, and had a smaller
>diameter than I would have expected of a M Deliciosa of that size.
>I couldn't find a label, so I called today and asked for an id.
>I was told that it was a Rhaphidophora Decursiva and that they come
>from South East Asia.  I immediately started looking for info on the
>web, but all I could find was a mention in the IAS pages that
>Rhaphidophora had been retired in favor of Philodendron (if I'm
>reading right).
>Does anyone out there know the "latest and greatest" name for
>this plant?  The person I spoke with was Kathy at (818)405-2163.
>I asked if they could be included in the plant sale they have
>on the 3rd Sunday in May and she said she would pass my interest
>on to the person who decides what to propagate.  If you are also
>interested, I would encourage calling the Huntington as well.
>Currently it is far from definite that the species will be included
>and perhaps if more people called they would not only be more
>likely to include it, but be more active in propagating.
>I counted 6 infructusences without moving any foliage, so they
>have a lot of seed.  Perhaps they'd be willing to sell some seed?
>The indications I got were that they don't sell seed anymore,
>but maybe if there was enough interest...  If anyone knows of
>any other sources, I'd be interested.
>Todd Ruth
I believe I have that plant R. decursiva. I obtained it from Jack Craig
some years ago when he came in from indonesia. It had no name, but using
Exotica as the best place I could think of, I decided it was R decursiva.
Also I thought at the time that R. was the asiatic form of what is
Phildendro  in our pandmass.
I am pretty sure from your description that this is the same plant. It
gorws very well once it is established.
I have not had viable seeed, but I hack the plant to bits and root them in
gal pots every now and then, but nobody shows any interest in them
commercially. That doesn't stop me!


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