Re: Proud mama (arums)

William Perez...

Sorry I can't help with the seed portion of your message..  But, the reason
I unpot my tubers is so that I can watch for fungus.  Also, to harvest the

>  I've been itching to ask a couple of questions but, as all other
>'beginners' on the list can sympathise with, I've refrained from asking
>for fear of being branded a moron.  However, i ask myself these questions
>over and over again because the subjects come up time and again.  First,
>why is that when aroid tubers go dormant do growers generally stick them
>in a box or what have you?  What's wrong with leaving them in the pot to
>grow again?  Presumably, in the wild they don't get up and go into a cave
>to rest.  Is it because the potting medium is exhausted of nutrients?

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