Re: Proud mama (arums)

>On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, William Perez wrote:
>>   I've been itching to ask a couple of questions but, as all other
>> 'beginners' on the list can sympathise with, I've refrained from asking
>> for fear of being branded a moron....
>I have found that everyone on this list is most tolerant of those of us
>who need some basic information.  It turns out that we all were in that
>place at some time or other.  It is also clear that there is not much
>information in print on the horticultural treatment of aroids.  But this
>may be due to the fact that the genera are so diverse in habitats and
>growing habits.  I don't know how many plant genera have both tuberous
>and non-tuberous plants, but this in itself makes handling Araceae unique.
>In the case of Amorphophallus I have learned from Wilbert Hetterscheid
>that certain tubers of this genus can be removed from the medium while
>dormant while others must stay in medium. (See the web site pages for
>I have also germinated seed inside of plastic bags as Ellen has, but I
>like the plastic containers because they provide physical protection as
>well. Since these clear plastic containers are hard they can be stacked,
>thus saving even more space.
>I am sure some of the other list members will have their own unique

Yogurt tubs with clear plastic _Dairy Queen_ tops. Excellent for
germination! You make holes in them with a Bic lighter for drainage and

Unh ... eat the product first.


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