Monster Konjac?

Hello Aroiders, 

One of our graduate students has been growing his A. Konjac here in the
greenhouse for a few years - they summer in ground in the garden, reside in
his office while dormant, and resides in the cactus room when his
officemates kick it out of the office during blooming...

His Konjacs (as well as our own collection specimens) flower annually and
blooming is always a much anticipated event.  This year however, his A.
Konjac is significantly larger than in past years and much larger than any I
have ever seen personally.  The 10" diameter tuber and inflorescence
together (its out of pot) reach well over 7 feet!  Is this unusually large
for this species or is it just the benefit of having an older, mature plant?

Have many of you had A. Konjac flower this size before?  All pictures in the
literature that I have seen usually depict smaller flowers on the order of 3
feet or so tall....

Just curious....

I took pictures and will scan and post to the web when I get them back...


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