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> A person in another plant listserv had this question, and it doesn't have
> anything to do with aroids, but somebody knowledgeable may have heard of
> this plant, so I want to ask.

> Has any of you any information on a plant named
> Hesperocallus ( undulata or parviflora).
> How does it look like, where can I get it.

> Thanks for any help!
> Stacy

>      ---Stacy Holtzman
> ---Howard Hughes Medical Institute,  Biology Dept.,  Indiana University,
> Bloomington, IN 47405---

Should be Hesperocallis; termination is -is not -us.

Hesperocallis undulata is the desert lily from the south-western USA. 
It belongs to Liliaceae or Hyacinthaceae (depending on your point of view).

The genus is (according to my source) monospecific, and the same 
source suggests growing it in standard cactus compost. 

It is a bulbous species, with white finnel-like flowers, and wavy, 
strap-shaped leaves. I have no idea where to obtain it.

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