Re: typhonium source ?

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From: Paul Draughn Sullivan <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 11:44 PM
Subject: typhonium source ?

>I am seeking a source for Typhonium giganteum and/or other large
>typhoniums for a seasonaly flooded area. Zone 9-b/10.
>Pual Sullivan
>520 East Olympia Avenue
>Punta Gorda, Florida  33950
>941-637-7352 fax
Dear Paul,
T. gigantium does not seem to "like" it here in hot Florida; I recomend T.
trilobatum, which will grow "wet" and will be 2-3 ft. at maturity.   I`m out
of it at the moment, but others on the net may have plants/seed to spare.
Good luck.

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