RE: "Yams"

> Dear Friends,
> I agree with Eduardo; I have this exact plant grown from commercially 
> corms from a local Jamaican grocery as "red co-co"; it probably should 
> called X. violacium untill a review of the Genus Xanthosoma is done.  
There is
> another var. of Xanthosoma here in W.P.B. that is MUCH blacker (no, not 
> Colocasia, it`s a Xanthosoma !) which I supplied to the Nat. Zoo for 
> "Amazon" exibit.
> Julius


I commented on this list a couple of years ago about the plant labeled
"Xanthosoma violacea" that I saw at Kew Gardens in London at one of the 
conservatories.  This plant was clearly a Xanthosoma with *huge* leaves that 
were very dark, almost black.  Seeking same, I searched for a source of 
"Xanthosoma violacea" here in the U.S.  What I've consistently ended up 
finding is a large Xanthosoma with purple/black stems, but the leaves are 
green (and not at all comparable to the almost black leaves I saw on the Kew 
plant).  Do you know of a source for the ultra-dark Xanthosoma violacea?

Clarence Hester

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