Re: Vacation

> But anyway, I will be
> vacationing in Southport N. Carolina July 19-Aug 3. I plan on
> a day trip to Riverbanks Zoological Park and Bot. Gardens in
> Columbia S. Carolina sometime in that time frame. Are there
> any interesting aroid nurseries or gardens between the to
> locations or in the area I could also visit? 
Southport, NC is a beautiful small coastal town which you are sure to 
enjoy.  My brother has a nice garden and a small nursery in Bolivia, NC,
about 12 minutes from Southport.  And he could also suggest several places
in Wilmington for you to visit.

And if you're willing to make a 2 hour drive westward to Raleigh, I'ld be
glad to have you drop by my place and of course, a visit to Tony Avent's
Plant Delights Nursery would make the trip all the worthwhile.

Either way, hope you have a great vacation, Alan

Alan Galloway              
P. O. Box 37456            
Raleigh, N.C.  27627                 (phone) 919-881-2008
U.S.A.                               (fax)   919-881-2008

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