Re: fragrant Zantedeschia

According to Veld & Flora's wonderful treatise on Zantedeschia, the
following is the state of their perfume:

Z. aethiopica----------------Very slight & easily missed.
Z.. odorata------------------Freesia-like
  ssp. albomaculata-------None
Z. albomaculata------------None
  ssp. valida-----------------None
Z. rehmannii----------------None
Z. jucunda-------------------None
Z. pentlandii----------------None
Z. elliottiana----------------None

I presume it's Z. odorata you seek. It's native to the cape region of
South Africa, blooms late July to August, has ovate-cordate leaves, with
wide-mouth funnel spathe of white with no purple blotch at the base. Like
most Zantedeschia, the entire spathe turns green and bends to the ground
when the fruit are mature. The berries are green and firm but
disintegrate on the ground. Unlike the other species, Z. odorata must be
kept dry in the summer because it is a winter growing plant.


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