Re: fragrant Zantedeschia

Marie-Eve Charbonneau wrote:
> At 21:15 13/07/1997 -0500, Ray<> wrote:
> >I presume it's Z. odorata you seek.
> Thank you very much Ray
> Now that I know what I am looking for....does anybody know where I can get
> one ????? (plant, seeds, piece, corm....)
> Thank you
> Marie-Eve in Montreal, Canada

B&T world seeds
lists Zantedeschia odorata as "As Z.aethiopica, but Frag." I have never
ordered from this company, so I can't say anything for them other then
they have the most impressive seed list I have ever seen. Can anyone out
there who has ordered from them comment on quality, prices, and service?
I'm also curious how fragrant Z. odorata is. I aquired what I thought
was Z. aethiopica from three different places and they are all slightly
different. One smells unpleasant the other two have a pleasant although
slight fragrance. One being very faint, the other quite apparent if you
stick your nose in it. Could the more fragrant one be Z. odorata, or is
it noticeably more aromatic?

Gabe Thomas

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