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>ATLANTA - The largest flower in the world, the Titan Arum or
><em>Amorphophallus titanum</em>, in the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory
>at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is going to flower within the next week to
>ten days!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Georgians to see
>this giant native of Sumatra, Indonesia, since the Titan arum has only
>flowered a handful of times in cultivation in the US since its
>introduction in 1937.  And a rare opportunity for the world to watch it
>bloom here on our web site!  It is rarer than rare!<br>
>"Because this is the first Titan arum ever to bloom in Georgia, we can
>only estimate when it will be in full flower," explained Ron Determann,
>Fuqua Conservatory superintendent.  "It is a living organism, and like
>anything else, varies in size and growth rate.  We hope visitors will want
>to track the flower's progress in person by stopping by the Fuqua
>Conservatory several times over this exciting two-week period."<br
>The largest flower (technically an inflorescence) in the world, the Titan
>arum grows about four inches a day to a predicted height of six to seven
>feet, or sometimes taller.  To attract its insect pollinators, it emits an
>odor similar to decaying flesh.
>This extraordinary flower will be in full bloom for only 48 hours, so the
>Garden's voice message system and the Garden's web site is providing a
>daily update.  Anyone may call 404 876-5859 ext. 555 or visit the web site
>at to track the flower's progress.  The
>Atlanta Botanical Garden hours will be extended as needed to accommodate
>thousands of curious visitors.  The flower will be on display in the lobby
>of the Fuqua Conservatory under round-the-clock guard.<br>
>"We are planning to attempt the artificial pollination of the ABG flower
>with one blooming earlier in Florida," said Ron Gagliardo, curator of
>tropicals for the Fuqua Conservatory.  "We hope to use their pollen to
>pollinate the female flowers on ABG's inflorescence to try to set seed.
>If this is successful, it will be the first time in history a cultivated
><em>Amorphophallus titanum</em> will have produced seed," he said.<br>
>The Atlanta Botanical Garden has invited President Clinton, Georgia
>Governor Miller, Atlanta Mayor Campbell, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine
>Albright, former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George Bush and the world at
>large to come and see this stupendous botanical event.<br>
>NOTE TO MEDIA:  Interviews with Ron Determann, superintendent of the Fuqua
>Conservatory, and/or Ron Gagliardo, curator of tropicals, may be arranged.
>Also, special access to the Conservatory outside of public hours may be
>arranged for photography.  Please call either Geri Laufer, 404 876-5859
>ext. 205 or Julie Herron, 404 876-5859 ext. 204 to schedule.<br>

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
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