Re: konjac and sunlight

Thanks - that's perfect.  I guess I'll put mine in a spot where they get
sunlight till a bit before noon and dappled light after that.  As I said,
my concern for this year will not be the size of the plant but rather the
creation of the largest tuber possible for next year.  I live on Long
Island and this season has just not been very hospitable for these plants.
Nights were still dropping into the 40s until the 2nd week of June.
Everything is way behind (but finally catching up.)

A local friend has been growing his in bright filtered light.  Although
that plant is getting prettly large, the petiole has been a bit floppier
than expected.  That's what led me to believe that it needed more more
light than either of ours was getting.


At 10:56 PM 7/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have many A. konjacs in my collection.  Some receive a half day of direct
>sun (6 hours) and some receive about 2 hours.  I also have some in filtered
>sun (no direct sun).  I have not noticed a difference in all three situations
>I do not have any that receive full sun all day.  I think they may adapt to
>lighting as they grow thru the summer months.
>Bob Kleiser

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