Re: konjac and sunlight

My plants of Amorphophallus konjac grow on a fire escape in the middle of New
York City - yes, they fill it rather abundantly.  The fire escape faces East
and they receive 4-6 hours of direct sun per day.  The love it providing I
keep them watered, about every other day.  The unique thing about their
exposure is the direct and reflected heat in that location is often up to
around 105 degrees and they seem to love that also.  In fact, they usually
don't come out of dormancy until June-July when it really starts to heat up in
New York.  I have grown them on my rooftop which receives full sun all day,
but they did less well there - probably because they got watered less
frequently.  I get excellent tuber development with the 4-6 hours of sun and
they multiply like rabbits.
Cheers  -  Michael Riley

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