Re: sikokianum seedlings - Zone 5


Arisaema are not fussy about soil. Any woodland soil will do. If it forms
a seedhead with viable seed it will be a miracle. Arisaema require plants
of both sexes to mate and produce seed. They are perculiar in that they
change sex with age and with stressful conditions - neuter at birth, male
in youth, female with maturity and reverting to male when stressed.

Arisaema require a cold season to thrive, so bringing them indoors will
only work if you give them a 1 - 2 month cold treatment either outdoors
or in the fridge. A number of AEG (Arisaema Enthusiasts Group) members
get two years growth in a year with this treatment. The trick is to keep
them in bearly miost condition while cold - too moist, they rot, too dry
they die. There have been a number of postings on Arisaema-L describing
the exact process.


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