Re: sikokianum seedlings - Zone 5

I also grew sikokianum from Park seed (3 or so years ago), and planted
them out in a woodland bed (Ohio - Zone 5).  Last year one or two of them
bloomed for the first time; this year nearly all of them bloomed.
One that bloomed last year produced seed, though it took a long time
to ripen.  After a few fall frosts I picked the seed cluster, thinking
that something would eat it since it was lying on the ground.  I kept
the cluster in an unheated garage, then planted the seeds this spring
in a flat in the garage.  When none had germinated after a couple of
months, the flat was moved into a warm greenhouse, and now many of the
seeds have sprouted.  This year I think I will plant quite a few of the
seeds directly in the ground and see what happens.

So, in response to Ray's note, I'd have to say that this Arisaema can
be female in youth, so don't give up hope on getting fertile seeds soon.

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