MJ's Beat Up A. Konjac

My experience suggests that its bad to fool with mother nature.
I suggest that since this is the beginning of your growing 
season, simply cut off the old leaf (do it just above the soil surface) 
and leave the pot and tuber alone.  Odds are that it will produce a new 
leaf soon.  Suggest you don't give it any water until it does produce 
that new leaf.  If  it refuses to produce a new leaf in a month or so then 
remove it from the medium.  If you then see new growth stick it back in 
the pot!

Regarding the A. bulbifer, I would make every effort to get it out in the 
sun but shielded from the wind, but don't replant it any deeper than it 
is. Some time back we had some discussion about growing Aroids inside,  at our
places of work I believe. So I have been trying to grow Amorphophallus 
bulbifer and variabilis in my office. Both developed 50 cm petioles that 
were very skinny, about 6 to 8 mm in diameter. Neither petiole was strong 
enough to stand on its own so I have supported both from above with a 
length of string and a lightweight rubber band at the leaf end.  The 
bulbifer went dormant or died (have not yet exhumed the tuber or what 
might remain). The A. variabilis looks very healthy but continues to 
require support, the petiole never having grown larger in diameter. The 
message here seems to be that sunlight (the real stuff) is important 
given that tubers of the same plants grown outside at home are doing 
extremely well.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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