Arisaema of the Week, etc.

(Arisaema-L folks ignore-- this was already posted to you)

It's that time again. This week we have a very different A. consanguineum
from Wilbert's collection. This one comes from Mt. Omei, in Sichuan
Province, and was collected by Carla Teune of the Leiden Bot. Garden. It is
quite different from the Hong Kong version, having a boldly striped spathe.
Compare it to CT369, and see what you think. Same thing???

I also did a couple of other updates, adding Kaichen to the source page and
adding Greg Ruckert and Alan Bickell's pages to the links.

Also, the Alpine Garden Society Bulletin arrived today, and it has the
second part of Guy Gusman's article on Japanese arisaemas. Don't miss it--
some great pictures and text. Nice job, Guy!

--Roy Herold
North Reading, MA
The Arisaema Page <>

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