Re: Zantedeschia 'Green Goddess'

Last year, some kind soul here offerred to ship calla lilies to other
aroiders.  I forget the name of the variety, recalling only that they were
supposed to be white and tall.

I purchased two of them and after growing them under lights this past
winter, planted them in the garden this spring.  One of them is flowering,
the others are growing well.

Do zantadeschia consistently produce tubers?  Will I be able to winter
these in a bag rather than in pots?  Indoor space will be more limitted
than ever this next winter.  I had very mixed luck with my colocasia
producing tubers last summer (probably a result of Long Island's short
growing season).

Is there anything I can do to enhance the production of zantedeschia tubers
(assuming that they do indeed produce tubers)?

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